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SUBJECT: Beneath Missouri Skies : Pat Metheny in Kansas City 1964-1972 Back to Subjects
Oct 02 2021
at 9:46 PM
I just ordered the above book after hearing about it in the San Diego Union Tribune article on Pat posted here last week. I read a review of the book that said many of the musicians in Kansas City that influenced and that Pat played with were interviewed. I am guessing the book will explain a lot about how his childhood experiences with music and Jazz made him who he is today. Also interesting how now Pat is giving young musicians a chance to be exposed in his Side-Eye band. I have read several times that Pat often asks musicians he has discovered to come to his house to jam. I am sure nobody has said they weren’t interested. Once I start reading the book I will give you my review.
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Oct 20 2021
at 11:39 PM
Bookmark and Share I finished reading the book last night. I really enjoyed reading from the first page to the last. Nice balance of Pat acknowledging all the musicians, teachers, family and other people that influenced and mentored him. The author stated that Pat didn’t want the book to be about people praising him. There are still many comments about Pat that mention how far advanced he was for his age. I never knew that Clark Terry and Herbie Hancock were involved with Pat when he was in his teens. Very funny story about Herbie coming to one of Pat’s friend’s house to rehearse with their band. If you want to learn more about Pat this book tells you how he got to this place in 2021.
Oct 11 2021
at 12:02 PM
Bookmark and Share facing west : I received the book last week and I have read about a third of the book. Very enjoyable read and revealing. It shows Pat has a great sense of humor, something I have only seen glimpses of in articles or interviews. I just read two stories about Pat when he was fifteen years old. His brother Mike got him a gig to play with a trio lead by a Missouri University professor and after the show the pianist said Pat was already starting to become a world class guitarist. The other story was about two musicians , one a guitar teacher saying that Pat had the control and confidence of someone much older. So far I can highly recommend this book. When I finish it I will give a final review.
facing west
Oct 03 2021
at 9:50 AM
Bookmark and Share So far I’ve read the first chapter (the free sample available on Kindle). I’ll probably buy the book. Extremely well researched. Shows how Pat was really in the right place at the right time in terms of having family members, friends and even neighbors who were instrumental (so to speak) in his development as a young musician. He had the talent and ambition, but the causes and conditions were also ripe. Although they are massively different books, I got the same impression from Marc Lewisohn’s brilliant first installment of the Beatles trilogy, ’Tune In’. The Beatles had massive talent and ambition, but the stars had to align for them in a big way. Almost like the universe wanted it to happen.
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