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Oct 11 2021
at 8:23 PM
Is anywhere at AG going to Pat’s show in Chicago this Friday? I will be at the early show and will be sitting in the Gold Circle section (first three rows). The show promises to be great. I’ll review the show this weekend. It should be different than the show I saw in 2019 with Marcus Gilmore on drums. I believe Pat will have some new tunes for the tour.
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Oct 14 2021
at 9:21 AM
Bookmark and Share facing west : The Chicago music scene is moving forward, but carefully. Venues are asking for proof of vaccination or negative Covid test. The other day the Chicago Symphony Center released the 2022 Jazz Series schedule (eight nights and most double-bills). In August the Jazz Showcase started booking nationally known musicians (some used local musicians instead of bringing their band). I have caught about seven shows there since August 15th. Two weeks ago I caught the Julian Lage Trio at SPACE in Evanston. Then tomorrow Pat and Side-Eye. I still have to wear a mask to all the venues. I received an email from Pat’s team that said Pat demands that his crew, band, venue staff and audience all follow mask, vaccinations and Covid testing protocols. He does not want to interrupt the tour. I noticed in his schedule that the states that are low vaccine or have no mask policies are in 2022.
facing west
Oct 13 2021
at 1:33 PM
Bookmark and Share Hey Marc -- wondering if you, or anyone else in the Chicago area, have seen Makaya McCraven live. Man, his record, In the Moment, is a landmark Chicago record as far as I’m concerned. Recorded live at Ukrainian Village! Jeff Parker is another Chicago musician that knocks me out. Possibly the second-most interesting guitarist on the planet after PM. And when McCraven & Parker get together? That stuff puts Chicago on the map. Hope the Chicago music scene gets back in the groove quickly.
Oct 12 2021
at 8:11 AM
Bookmark and Share I’ll be wearing a Ron Carter Face Mask and Side-Eye ballcap. If you see me , say hi. Maybe Fred Simon will show up to the gig. I haven’t seen him post anything here in a long time.
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