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SUBJECT: Tzumo Trio Plays Pat Back to Subjects
Oct 20 2021
at 1:55 PM
Very enjoyable piano/keyboards, bass (acoustic and electric) and drum covers of the following compositions: Elucidation As I Am Unity Village What Do You Want? Always and Forever Another Life Bright Size Life We Had a Sister Seven Days
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Oct 25 2021
at 9:00 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks, ztfs. I’ll check it out.
Oct 21 2021
at 1:01 PM
Bookmark and Share Here’s another piano, bass, drums, and saxophone cover album I just discovered from 2010. It’s called "Plays Metheny" by Decorato, Liberti, Roverato, and Cisi. It includes Always & Forever, Unquity Road, Across The Sky, Elucidation, Sometimes I See, Say The Brother’s Name, Better Days Ahead, and Farmer’s Trust.
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