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Nov 22 2021
at 10:59 AM
Nice version by Joscho and his friends
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Apr 10 2022
at 9:23 AM
Bookmark and Share I heard Gregoire several times with Pat and was always blown away by his playing. Several years ago I saw him with Casandra Wilson. His solo on St. James Infirmary was incredible to watch and hear. It was close to three minutes long and he must have been using Circular-Breathing to play nonstop.
Apr 08 2022
at 6:47 PM
Bookmark and Share We must not forget Gregoire Maret’s take that has recently made ten years... Fantastic full harmonica cover.
Mar 01 2022
at 11:32 AM
Bookmark and Share jam3guitar, thanks for the Eric Uglum rendition of Travels. Beautiful. I’m not a big blue grass fan, but I’ve often though Pat’s compositions are well suited for that genre. Eric has some big names on that album.
Feb 09 2022
at 10:37 PM
Bookmark and Share Love all these versions. This is my favorite Pat song and it can be done so many different ways. One of my favorite versions is by Eric Uglum, a Southern California bluegrass guitarist. The fiddle and dobro are really sweet. Another really nice video is by Dr. Guy Shkolnik who deconstructs it from a theory perspective.
Jan 21 2022
at 11:11 PM
Bookmark and Share This is one of my favorite cover versions of Travels. It is by the late pianist Hirotaka Izumi and bassist Mitsuru Sutoh, ex-members of the Japanese jazz group, T-Square. Enjoy!
Jan 04 2022
at 8:19 PM
Bookmark and Share Great doiscovery this Joscho Stephan. Grat covers also of Wave, Isn’t she lovely, The Godfather, Sway... Thanks very much. And that Martin Miller "on the rocks" version of Travles is also killer. These german guys are really great.
Dec 16 2021
at 3:54 PM
Bookmark and Share has a bluegrass feel
Dec 14 2021
at 7:25 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks, boz. There’s also a great Travels cover by Martin Miller and Tom Quayle on YT. I often enjoy PM covers as much as the originals. Evidence of Pat being a great if we needed it. Best regards
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