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Dec 11 2021
at 10:32 PM
I just received the December2021/January 2022 Jazzwise magazine with the cover story on Pat and Side-Eye. Very good interview/article on Side-Eye. Pat talks about not slowing down as he is playing better now. I agree with that 100percent after hearing the Side-Eye record and show in Chicago. You can read the article at the Jazzwise website or order the issue.
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Mar 01 2022
at 5:58 PM
Bookmark and Share After I bought the December/January issue and read the article on Pat I emailed a letter-to-the-editor at Jazzwise. I found out from a friend who has a Jazzwise subscription that they printed my letter in the March issue. I told them that I agreed with the article and wrote more about how his composing has gotten better since he is 100percent responsible for composing. Lyle Mays shared composing credit with Pat on a lot of their songs. I ordered the March issue so that I will have a copy of my letter. In 2021 I had four letters published in Downbeat (Chords & Discords) or letters-to-the-editor. My goal for 2022 is five letters in Downbeat, already had one in the March issue.
Feb 08 2022
at 10:52 AM
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Dec 25 2021
at 12:29 PM
Bookmark and Share I tried to access the article using Google Search. I was unable to locate. I ordered single copy of that issue. It’s worth the money for Pat’s article, but also their critics picks for records of the year. Side-Eye NYC was on several critic’s lists.
Dec 25 2021
at 7:05 AM
Bookmark and Share yes marc, i too am unable to access the pat interview on the jazzwise website - thanks for the heads up, tho. seasons greetings!
Dec 23 2021
at 2:45 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi Marc, I’ve tried but there’s no sign of Pat’s interview unless, it seems, you buy the magazine.
Dec 22 2021
at 10:11 PM
Bookmark and Share Has anyone at AG checked out this article yet? It’s very good and worth reading.
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