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Dec 25 2021
at 1:00 PM
I just finished reading Michael Brecker’s biography Ode to a Tenor Titan. I found it an excellent book about an exceptional musician and person. Pat had huge respect for Brecker even before he appeared on his 80/81 record and tour. To read Pat’s tribute to Michael Brecker after he died in 2007 go to Community : Writings at this site. After reading Michael’s book I have a great respect for him as a musician and person. It was a very emotional read as he had a great sense of humor and then reading about his battle with leukemia had me on an emotional rollercoaster. I have been re-listening to my Michael Brecker CDs and plan to listen to my other records where his was a sideman. The part in the book regarding his last record Pilgrimage really blew me away. Michael was so sick and in so much pain during the recording sessions and knew he was dying, but he played at his highest level. Everyone present were amazed and it made them play even better.
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Feb 09 2022
at 12:55 PM
Bookmark and Share For me it’s the Ballad Book; but most outstanding is the 80/81 track Every Day I Thank You. When Pat was touring with the Unity Group, he commented after the show that having Chris Potter on saxophone enabled them to play all kinds of songs from his repertoire. I asked whether that could include Every Day..., and he kind of shook his head & said no, because that song was Michael. I sensed a bit of reverence there (I sure feel that way).
Jan 12 2022
at 6:07 PM
Bookmark and Share Two other MB favorites of mine are "Tales from the Hudson" (with Pat and McCoy Tyner) and "Two Blocks from the Edge", which is a tribute to Don Grolnick.
Jan 04 2022
at 8:12 PM
Bookmark and Share Those 2003 Jazzbaltica songs by Pat, Michael Brecker, Nils Landgren, Esbjorn Svensson et al, are just awsome, specially for me Impressions. But This Masquearde and Fragile are also mindblowing. All four of them smoke like no other, and perfectly assembled.
Jan 04 2022
at 5:12 PM
Bookmark and Share There is a song called "the Hard One" on albums by Gonzalo Rubalcaba that is named for being difficult to play. In the liner notes, Gonzalo marveled at how easily MB picked it up.
Dec 26 2021
at 6:41 AM
Bookmark and Share Hi Marc, if you haven’t yet chek this Rick Beato video posted a few days ago about him:
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