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Feb 02 2022
at 2:07 PM
Another enjoyable 15 minutes or so from Doug. Available on YouTube.
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Jun 19 2022
at 10:56 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks so much for introducing me to Daily Doug. Hope he listens and discusses more of Pat’s music. Hearing him go through the charts of TTEOTW was fascinating.
Mar 29 2022
at 11:32 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks d’heat….one of my favorite Metheny melodies ! And now I can visualize all the notes and chords while I’m listening…. I’ll check out his others
Mar 24 2022
at 10:10 AM
Bookmark and Share I hope he does First Circle.
Mar 17 2022
at 4:43 PM
Bookmark and Share Now I’ve seen two of his Metheny episodes, and it’s always fun. Hope he does more.
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