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Feb 02 2022
at 5:00 PM
Looking forward to seeing Pat and the Side-Eye lineup in Asheville Feb 8. Then we’re going down to Charlotte to see them again on the 11th. This is going to be outstanding, can’t wait to see them live, just to hear them play Bright Size Life along with all the other delights and surprises. The pandemic cancelled our last scheduled show. So, this is really going to be fun.
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Feb 14 2022
at 12:51 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks guys!
Feb 12 2022
at 12:19 AM
Bookmark and Share What can I say? Fantastic performances in NC. One of the best PM trio shows I’ve seen. Francies and Dyson were superlative. Well done!
Feb 11 2022
at 10:46 PM
Bookmark and Share It was good to get back to the mountains around Asheville. Still have some family here. What a show Pat put on at the Cherokee center on Tuesday night. After seeing him at numerous shows scince 1982, its clear, he hasn’t missed a lick. the two musicians that shared the stage with him were phenominal. Pat continues to re-invent his music with a fantastic vitality. My favorite part of his shows over the recent years continue to be when he grabs the stool and plays solo acoustic, performing abreviated mixes of some favorites and as always, cuts from Beyond the Missouri Sky. May he play forever.
Feb 09 2022
at 3:52 AM
Bookmark and Share The Asheville NC show was absolutely fantastic. It started out with Pat doing a couple of duos to highlight Joe Dyson, then James Francies before moving to the trio. A lot of improvisational wizardry by all three. Francie was phenomenal, a tour de force, filling in bass and transporting us to heights unexplored on numbers like "Timeline." Dyson was freaking sensational adding nuance and complexity on just the cymbals alone. He is a treat. All three really came together for seamless perfection on the 15 minute blowout version of "When We Were Free". Hoo-boy! Pat nearly brought me to tears with his encore acoustic medley of some of his most expressive and elequent compositions (September Fifteenth, just to mention one) The guys finished the night with a second encore of my all time favorite...(Hint, its from "Off Ramp.") All in all...a mezmerizing night of exceptional talent and performance. Pat does not disappoint. Went to bed with all the tunes replaying in my head. Go see this show if you can.
Feb 07 2022
at 5:04 PM
Bookmark and Share Have a blast! (and feel free to post a review...;)
Feb 07 2022
at 10:12 AM
Bookmark and Share Also stoked about Pat in NC. I’ve got 2nd row in Knights Theater but haven’t scored AVL tickets yet [ironic as I live in AVL, it was added after CLT].
Feb 06 2022
at 1:23 PM
Bookmark and Share Saw the show in Roanoke last night and we really enjoyed it. You’re in for a treat and its probably a good idea to catch two shows. Even if the setlists end up being similar, there’s enough improv within the songs to make it worthwhile. James and Joe are excellent and definitely breathe new life into your old favorites.
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