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Mar 01 2022
at 6:14 PM
I can only speak for things in the Chicago area, but the Live Jazz and music scene here is really picking up. I have a full calendar starting in March. The Jazz Showcase has a lot of shows booked up to June (there waiting to see how the Jazz Festival announcements are made). The next three months I will be going there at least five times each month. The Chicago Symphony Center 2021/2022 Jazz Series is happening, last Friday I saw Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra. In April they will announce the 2022/2023 Jazz Series. I recently saw the John Scofield Quartet at City Winery and will see Bill Frisell Trio at another venue. Live Jazz is back and I am feeling good. I missed all my early February shows because I had Appendicitis February 1st. Long recovery time but I feel a lot better than before my surgery.
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Mar 12 2022
at 11:25 AM
Bookmark and Share Kooltrane : I am glad to hear that someone else is getting out to hear live music, especially Jazz. I have a lot of Jazz shows coming up at many different venues up until June. More announcements on the way and two Chicago area Jazz Festivals this Summer announcements also due. Everyone I have seen this year comments on how glad they are to be performing in front of an audience again. Russell Malone today at nearby venue and tomorrow at the Jazz Showcase for Tia Fuller. Next week shows on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Bad Plus (quartet), Christian Sands and Matt Wilson’s Arts & Crafts will be the highlights that weekend. Enjoy your shows Kooltrane.
Mar 11 2022
at 7:04 AM
Bookmark and Share Live jazz is indeed back. Just saw PM’s Side Eye in Jacksonville and of course it was astonishing. Heading next to Big Ears Festival in Knoxville TN where the 4-day line-up includes Frisell, Chritsian Scott, Petra Haden etc. In the coming months the Jacksonville Jazz Festival w/Herbie and George Benson as headliners and the Savannah Music Festival returns as well. All’s well.
Mar 08 2022
at 11:44 AM
Bookmark and Share I am surprised that nobody has responded to my post. I know that some of you have seen Side-Eye this year and live music is back elsewhere than Chicago.
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