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SUBJECT: Looking after a certain composition from Pat Back to Subjects
Mar 10 2022
at 10:13 PM
Hi there, figured this could be the place to talk about this. I’ve been looking for ages (probably 15 years now) for a certain Pat’s composition i heard a couple of times on a local, now extinct, jazz radio, as a kid: liked it so much i still have every bit of it memorized. And as a big fan of the artist, im well aware the tune is not to be found on his main officially released body of work (either as a solo or with the group), hence why i’m puzzled by its existence, and i’d figured i could ask for a helping hand to lead me into it... So, long story short, could add a couple of details from it i remember: -It was a live recording (sound quality wasn’t the best, but it was quite decent.) -It was probably a recording with the group (i distinctly remember no foreign instruments to the PMG sound, as in, no winds or xylophones or anything. Predominant Pat lead, maybe no other solos. Rich sound to it, definitely bigger than a trio. And a very PMG-like melody for that matter, really cheerful and uplifting) -Samba-like rhtyhm (think of ’Straight on Red’ from Travels, just with a way more straightforward main melody compared to it. Maybe just a bit slower too) -Heard around 2006 to 2008, so no more recent than that. As stated, i do remember how the melody went to the point i could re-create it myself (in order to prove i’m not making this memory up), but before doing so i felt it could be the best to describe it and try my luck. Have heard a couple of live Pat’s bootlegs and still no luck... I just don’t want to believe it was an exclusive, rare live recording owned by the radio station that aired it... And if by any chance it wasn’t Pat at all (which i really really doubt) i swear, it was the best PMG-sounding composition and execution i’ve EVER heard in my life, having grown up listening to the man’s records and all. Sorry for the long post. Any feedback would be obviously greatly appreciated. I love Pat’s music as much as you all do, hence why after all of this time i’m still looking for this one tune. Thanks and stay safe!
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Aug 10 2022
at 1:59 PM
Bookmark and Share Saxond, I saw PMT (with Larry Grenadier and Brian Blade) in 1998. They played Vera Cruz.
Aug 07 2022
at 5:58 AM
Bookmark and Share It could be Saxond. They played it on the Metheny- Mehldau tour back in 2007. The San Sebastián Jazz Festival show was broadcasted by spanish TV and can be found in YouTube. The only thing is that the Veracruz cover includes a long solo by Jeff Ballard and also a shorter one by Brad
Aug 05 2022
at 4:59 PM
Bookmark and Share I’m not at all surprised if the answer is Vera Cruz, the Nascimento classic. I have Milton’s recording of it with Herbie Hancock and Pat, on the Angelus album, and I listen to that cut and Pat’s solo over and over and over. Maybe my favorite Metheny solo though it’s short and simple. But I have also heard PMT, I think, playing Vera Cruz and I used to have it on a cassette. I’d give anything to get a hold of that again. I’d love to hear Pat play more Milton Nascimento. There’s also a video, or was, where he and Milton play Maria, Maria.
Mar 27 2022
at 1:11 AM
Bookmark and Share Well i know nothing of music notation and/or bars but playing the melody on a virtual web piano got me something to share. Opening line from the melody would be something like : D C | A A# A A# A G F . Main ’chorus’ from the whole thing would be: A# A# A# A F F G G G F. Sorry if this is no help either... i swear on my life it sounded just like a PMG deal.
Mar 20 2022
at 2:21 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks to all replies so far: great suggestions but none of these is the tune i’m seeking, which has honestly made me feel really disheartened (which is what i expected to happen... reason why i’m just now trying to describe the tune after all of these years). even worse, i can’t share the re-creation i did of the main melody of the composition here (which as stated i remember crystal clear), so i guess i can’t do much else to really get this tune. i really, really doubt it wasn’t Pat...
Mar 16 2022
at 6:32 PM
Bookmark and Share Pajangmans: Gary Burton Reunion would have an obvious Vibraphone sound. I checked out the Pat Metheny Database for years 2006-2008 and only Pat shows those years were the trio with Antonio Sanchez and Christian McBride, Gary Burton Quartet, Metheny/Mehldau Quartet and the trio with McBride, Antonio and David Sanchez on tenor saxophone. Only two shows at the end of 2008 with PMQ in Japan (no live recording) mentioned. I can’t be of further help. You may have your dates wrong (pre-2006 or post-2008).I forgot what year the record that Pat released called "Quartet" came out. I believe it was with Pat, Lyle, Rodby and Antonio(?).
Mar 15 2022
at 4:05 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi again, thanks but still no luck with these suggestions (though i’m definitely getting the Reunion album with Gary!). i now did as told a MIDI re-creation from memory from an excerpt from the composition i’m after: the melody was rather long, and the part i’m playing could be considered the main ’chorus’ from it. as stated i remember the whole composition and could recreate it fully but i hope this main bit, as distinctive as it is, could be enough for people to recognize it... i seriously doubt it wasn’t Pat, as a Pat’s sounding guitar was in the lead the whole time. and remember, it had a Straight-On-Red-like upbeat samba rhythm throughout!
Mar 15 2022
at 10:15 AM
Bookmark and Share Might it be a tune off the Secret Story extended version? "Look Ahead", perhaps?
Mar 15 2022
at 2:47 AM
Bookmark and Share Hey there, really grateful for the tracks and info provided but (sadly) neither of these is the track i’m after... some good stuff i was unaware of though! (like the m. nascimento cover, close but no cigar, melody from the tune i’m after was in major key, really cheerful). i’ll be checking the Pat Metheny Database website for sure so thanks for that too. do please keep the suggestions coming, i’ll check them all out! and as soon as i find the tune i’ll be sure to tell which one was in here. thanks to everyone so far!
Mar 12 2022
at 4:09 PM
Bookmark and Share I think Detective sunbear solved your mystery. I went to the Pat Metheny Database website and searched the years you mentioned. The website’s Live Chronology sometimes includes set list under "more info". I looked at the Metheny/Mehldau tour in 2007 and they probably played Vera Cruz at every show (Milton Nascimento song). The PMDB website also indicates "live recording" (sometimes radio station’s recording, usually audience recorded). It’s a great website that you should check out.
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