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Apr 27 2022
at 10:05 AM
The other day I received a Jazz Times email advertisement for The Vogel theater in Red Bank, NJ and noticed that the Pat Metheny gig there is with The Evening With quartet. That was the band with Linda May Han Oh, Antonio Sanchez and Gwilym Simcock. Upon further review of Pat’s Schedule, starting with the Red Bank show the quartet will be doing a North America, Central America and South America tour. The schedule ends in October (for now), but I am sure more dates will be added later this year. I look forward to finding out what Pat has planned for this quartet, especially after the excellent From This Place record.
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Jun 01 2022
at 1:54 PM
Bookmark and Share Better yet Marc would be this quartet on SNL, season 48. Lorne, do you read this site?
May 28 2022
at 11:53 PM
Bookmark and Share Loved the Side Eye venue …. And so anxious to see Pat this summer or fall in Northern California ! And the possibilities are limitless … and legendary !
May 24 2022
at 11:38 AM
Bookmark and Share Yesterday I visited the Pat Metheny Database to check out the 2022 Concert link. I wanted to confirm the Side-Eye personnel change for the European Tour. Chris Fishman has replaced James Francies for the tour. I also discovered a new date has been added for the New Quartet (From This Place) tour. September 18-20 the quartet will be at the Keystone Korner in Baltimore MD. It looks like this will kickoff the US portion of the South America/Central America Tour. The Keystone Korner would be a Jazz club date. How cool is that? I may have to try to get to that gig. The last time I saw Pat in a Jazz club was back in 1984. I anxiously await the announcement of the rest of this band’s US Tour.
May 15 2022
at 12:00 PM
Bookmark and Share I expected a bigger response to news of the return of this excellent quartet. I am anxiously waiting for the announcement of the Chicago area tour dates. I will go anywhere in the US to see them. Last two times I went to Washington DC and Madison Wisconsin.
May 09 2022
at 8:34 AM
Bookmark and Share facing west : First love your posts and I think always agree. After reading your post here I Googled "Best Symphony Orchestras in the US and World. I thought Pat could do a From This Place in the top ten cities in the US. It would be a major undertaking for Pat (didn’t stop him in the past), but I liked your idea better. A live show with Pat and the CSO with World-wide Live Stream and DVD to follow. If it happens will use my contacts at the Chicago Symphony Center to get tickets for both of us for suggesting the concert. I believe that starting when Pat left ECM Records Steve Rodby was credited as a Producer and since then most of Pat’s records. Kind of like the Fifth Beatle.
facing west
May 08 2022
at 10:16 AM
Bookmark and Share It would be interesting if Pat mounted a full production of From This Place with, say, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and experimented with global access through pay-per-view or broadcast live to movie theaters around the world. I think the Metropolitan Opera has experimented with something like this with some success. One thing we can count on -- Pat never stops thinking about creative possibilities. We never know what’s coming next. Could be a Tiny Desk Concert with the Orchestrion. Who knows. I’m blown away by the brilliant studio production on From This Place by Pat and Steve Rodby. I noticed on Pat’s Beato interview that he referred to Steve as the guy who has maybe taught him the most. Steve also produced Oregon in Moscow with the Moscow Symphony Orchestra. That’s another album where the string arrangements sound totally modern.
May 06 2022
at 8:30 PM
Bookmark and Share facing west : I am 100percent in agreement with you May 6 Post. Too often the orchestral arrangements sound like a "stock arrangement download". They sound cheesy and it seems like I have heard the same arrangements before. The orchestral arrangements on From This Place were beautiful and excellent. I read an interview from Pat when the record was released and he said when he heard the orchestra arrangements for one of the songs he was moved to tears. I would never expect to hear Pat perform songs from FTP live, but a show at the Orchestra Hall in Chicago with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra would be incredible. They are one of the beast orchestras in the US and World. They could just do one show together (would be a very expensive ticket, but wouldn’t stop me from going).
facing west
May 05 2022
at 9:27 PM
Bookmark and Share Marc, after another close listen I agree -- From This Place is a deep, deep record. Totally warrants the headphones in the dark treatment. Same River is one of Pat’s all time great tracks. So evocative of other eras, and of Secret Story. But also modern and original at the same time. This album is such a great example of the timeless power of string orchestration. And the sound is spectacular.
May 05 2022
at 7:53 PM
Bookmark and Share For me it would be great to see that quartet again, especially after the release of From This Place. I caught the quartet in 2017 in Washington DC and in 2018 at the University of Wisconsin. Both were great , but at the Washington DC my cousin wanted to leave early. I still regret not staying for the long encores. I have seen two versions of Side-Eye, first in 2019 with Marcus Gilmore (drums) at the University of Illinois Champaign -Urbana and in Chicago with Joe Dyson (drums) in 2021. I think that some of Pat’s Side-Eye shows later this year may have a different piano/keyboardist. Not familiar with him, but knowing Pat I am sure he is excellent. Nothing but the best musicians could be Pat’s motto.
May 05 2022
at 8:18 AM
Bookmark and Share facing west : I agree that the Side-Eye record was also excellent record. I especially enjoyed the organ trio cut(s). I only played it 1 1/2 times when I got it. I ended up with five copies that wouldn’t play. Finally a friend burned a copy for me. Side-Eye Live and From This Place are my to favorite post 2000 Pat records and I would have to say in Top 5 all-time Pat records. With his large discography it is difficult to rate his records. I may have to do favorite Pat records 1976-1986, 1987-1997, 1998-2008, 2009-2019 and 2020 To The End Of Time. Give From This Place several more close listens, with headphones in a dark room if possible. I give all the musicians a 10 for their playing and a 10 for the compositions and arrangements. I have always been impressed by Linda May Han Oh, but this record made her one of my favorite bassists (Top 5).
facing west
May 04 2022
at 3:09 PM
Bookmark and Share Hey, Marc. I agree: From This Place is a landmark recording that deserves a close listen. The production standards alone are off the charts. Funny thing is, I don’t play it a whole lot. Not sure why, Maybe because I associate it with some of the heavy politics of 2020. Side Eye NYC is also a great newish album, and it seems more lighthearted. I play it way more. Time for me to give From This Place a fresh spin. Antonio, Linda and Gwilym are a band to be reckoned with. Thanks for the inspiration!
May 03 2022
at 8:17 AM
Bookmark and Share I re-listened to From This Place on my headphones several nights ago. I turned up the volume and turned off the lights, to listen closely. It may be my favorite Pat Metheny record. It’s a combination of excellent compositions, arrangements and playing by all the musicians. Also an excellent recording as you can hear all the instruments, even when the orchestra is playing in the background.
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