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SUBJECT: Toots Thielemans 100th Birthday 4/29/22 Back to Subjects
Apr 29 2022
at 8:11 AM
Google remembered Toots’ birthday with a doodle today.
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Jun 08 2022
at 6:08 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for sharing that, bxl.
Jun 07 2022
at 9:25 AM
Bookmark and Share janvq and bxl12378, I lived and worked in Greater Brussels for a couple of years in the late 80’s. Good times. My only bad experience was when I tried to attend a PMG concert, but it was sold out.
Jun 06 2022
at 10:18 PM
Bookmark and Share Dudely, The Grouch/SNL bit was very funny. I grew up with the SNL early years and got spoiled. I couldn’t get into it.
Jun 06 2022
at 7:42 AM
Bookmark and Share It has been a long time since I posted something here, but now that I am reading this post, I must respond. I have two musical heroes. Pat and Toots. Toots I have met several times. I met Pat once, in 2002, in the hotellobby before he went to the venue to soundcheck. Of course I was at the gig that night. Who was sitting next to me? Toots and his lovely wife...And we spoke Brussels slang. Beautiful memories. The most modest man ever. About 25 years ago he played at a brunch in a hotel with a quartet. At first I didn’t want to go because it would bother me that people were making noise with their forks and knives, talking and so on, but then I went anyway thinking that Toots wouldn’t play if he didn’t want to. Then he started to play "ne me quitte pas" by Jacques Brel. It was so moving, so beautiful that everybody stopped eating, talking, whatever they were doing. Everyone was overwhelmed with emotion by the beauty of Toots’ sound. The respect for his musicianship in the room was enormous. And that is exactly what Pat must have felt for him too, respect for the beauty of his sound. Be well. Translated with (free version)
Jun 01 2022
at 1:04 PM
Bookmark and Share Good one Marc! Google "The Grouch" and SNL.
May 31 2022
at 9:25 PM
Bookmark and Share Anyone try using Sesame Street on Google Maps?
May 30 2022
at 10:22 PM
Bookmark and Share And he knows the way to Sesame Street.
May 30 2022
at 2:43 PM
Bookmark and Share Back in 2007 I picked up the Secret Story Deluxe Edition (Collectors Edition) with a five song Bonus CD. The first cut features Pat, Toots, Charlie Haden and the orchestra. The five tracks were recorded in 1992, but not released.
facing west
May 30 2022
at 1:32 PM
Bookmark and Share It’s interesting that Pat left another Toots’ track--Back in Time--off the original Secret Story album. Back in Time is a good track, and it must have been tempting. By holding it back, Pat really put a spotlight on Toots’ solo on Always and Forever. A case of less is more. But I’m glad we have Toots on Back in Time on the extended version of Secret Story. Beautiful stuff.
May 29 2022
at 7:27 AM
Bookmark and Share facing west: just wanted to say that i couldn’t agree more with your shout-outs to toot’s playing on ’always and forever’ (fer sure, the emotional highlight of that album!), and the incredible record by george harrison/ravi shankar, called ’chants of india’ . . . . deeply moving music on both counts!
May 27 2022
at 1:58 PM
Bookmark and Share I would have loved to hear that. Great tune that I am sure Pat did justice. Hopefully he will play it again somewhere or record it. I recently saw that pianist Kenny Werner and Gregoire Maret are on tour with a Toots tribute.
facing west
May 26 2022
at 9:05 AM
Bookmark and Share Just went back and listened to Toots’ solo on ’Always and Forever’ from Secret Story. Can’t believe how brief it is, yet how much emotional power it has. In a way, Toots’ solo is the emotional heart of the record. I recall reading that Toots used to joke that whenever people came up to talk to him they only wanted to talk about Secret Story. But man, that is a solo for the ages.
May 25 2022
at 5:24 AM
Bookmark and Share Pat honoured Toots in the Brussels SideEye concert last sunday mey 22 2022 - with a solo-version of Bluesette (on guita of course). Audience was very grateful. Thanks Pat.
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