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May 23 2022
at 2:50 AM
As a new fan turnend on by Rick Beato‘s interview in August I bought a ticket right away and finally got to experience the live concert in Bielefeld, Germany with Chris Fishman and Joe Dyson. It was great to watch the interaction between the musicians. For me this was an excellent show and I hope there are more European fans ready to write about their experiences.
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Jun 16 2022
at 7:22 PM
Bookmark and Share difficult to ’review’ the show without giving too much away about set list etc... although I guess you can find it online. Seeing the show in the later stages of the tour it was apparent that Fishman and Dyson were very much on top of things! Very good arranging and song choices for this kind of bass-less trio. In UK audience was superb I thought.
May 26 2022
at 5:31 PM
Bookmark and Share I am not surprised that Pat found another excellent young pianist/keyboard/Synth-Bass musician. I look forward to an interview with Pat telling how he discovered Chris Fishman.
facing west
May 26 2022
at 9:21 AM
Bookmark and Share So great to hear from European fans--and from people who are encountering Pat’s music for the first time. Funny thing is, even though Pat was a guitar phenom as a kid, his playing just keeps getting better. At this point, it’s just other-worldly. We’re experiencing peak-Pat!
May 25 2022
at 5:31 AM
Bookmark and Share First gig i saw was back in 1987 in Brussels - with the PMG of course. Last sunday performing in trio at AB-Brussels was again brilliant. Almost 2,5 hours non-stop. Mainly old songs re-arranged for the ’young trio’. No bass-player needed with Fishman at the keyboards. Brilliant playing ... what a sound spectacle that was. The drumming was so fresh, accurate, . very very impressive for me. I have no words to describe it. And Pat looks younger than ever. How do these guys do this during a tour - performing on this level night after night ??? keeps me wondering. Respect and thank you Pat.
May 24 2022
at 11:17 AM
Bookmark and Share As Tonerima pointed out James Francies has been replaced by Chris Fishman in Side-Eye. Pat’s latest discovery is a 24 year old pianist/keyboardist from Los Angeles. I am completely unfamiliar with Chris Fishman, but I am sure that Pat holds him in high regards. I was also unaware of James Francies and I was extremely impressed by his playing in Side-Eye on the record and twice when I caught live shows. Now James has been thrust into the spotlight, thanks to Pat. As much as I am looking forward to Pat’s next New Quartet show, I would like to catch the new version of Side- Eye. I look forward to review from the European Tour.
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