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Jun 05 2022
at 9:58 PM
Does anyone else at the AG have a collection of the World Tour Programs available at the merchandise table at his shows? They were always large format and full color booklets with a lot of information. I have five of the programs, Letter From Home, Imaginary Day, Speaking Of Now, The Way Up and the Unity Group (Kin). The last is my most cherished because that was Pat’s show that I sponsored at the Chicago Symphony Center in 2014. Best birthday present ever (60th) and once in a lifetime opportunity. All the perks made it worthwhile plus it was a large Tax write- off.
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Jun 17 2022
at 12:00 AM
Bookmark and Share yossarian: I saw both bands two times and did not see any program books. If they made them I would have bought them. I do remember large posters for sale for Side-Eye. I hope for the next tour (late 2022 and 2023 that they bring back the program books.
Jun 16 2022
at 7:13 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi Marc, I used to get programs at all the gigs I attended too. I didn’t see one for the Side-Eye shows, or for the quartet with Gwilym, Linda and Antonio.
Jun 14 2022
at 8:14 AM
Bookmark and Share I’m surprised that I am the only one at the AG that picked up these programs at Pat’s gigs. There was a lot of information in them. Full band biographies, Discography, PM awards, tour list and a lot of photographs.
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