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Jun 12 2022
at 7:20 PM
What a sensational night! Brilliant performance from Pat, Joe Dyson and Chris Fishman. A brilliant selection of songs, outstanding dynamics and details, and solos that took you on a magical journey. Great intensity and commitment to the music. Wonderful. A lot to take in. Thanks to Pat and the trio.
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Jun 19 2022
at 11:48 AM
Bookmark and Share jeansteinmann: Thank you for your post as I was worried when I heard James Francies was replaced. After a Google search of Chris Fishman combined with Pat’s fine-tuned radar for finding exceptional young musicians I wasn’t worried. In fact now I wish I could see that Side-Eye trio. I have heard Joe Dyson for years with Donald Harrison Jr. and in 2020 with Donny McCaslin. He has developed into an excellent drummer. Very glad you enjoyed the show. yossarian: I think I know what the "secret weapon" was and it is a WML (Weapon of Mass Layers".
Jun 18 2022
at 11:12 AM
Bookmark and Share I agree. Brilliant performance by Pat and his young band. I was slightly worried before that James Francies from the previous line up would be missed, but Chris Fishman was excellent as was Joe Dyson. 44 years on from when I first saw Pat in London he’s still in a class of his own.
Jun 17 2022
at 8:18 AM
Bookmark and Share yossarian: The last time I listened to NYC Side-Eye closely, it was hard to tell when James Francies was playing the Synth-bass or Pat playing bass. Both sounded very close to the original songs with a bassist.
Jun 16 2022
at 7:16 PM
Bookmark and Share Still buzzing from it. OK, going bassless meant kind of stripped back versions but the tunes were cleverly picked so we lacked for nothing and of course when a few more layers were needed, a secret weapon materialised...
Jun 14 2022
at 5:26 PM
Bookmark and Share Couldn’t agree more. Uplifting and joyous. Good for the soul.
facing west
Jun 13 2022
at 9:33 AM
Bookmark and Share Sounds like a great gig. Five encores. And a reviewer noted there was ’a significant younger element in the audience.’ London has such a vibrant and eclectic 21st century jazz scene.
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