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Jun 26 2022
at 1:12 AM
Love this song. Reminds me of Hendrix’s Little Wing
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Sep 09 2022
at 1:29 PM
Bookmark and Share I looked at the review at and the reviewer said the same thing. I am not familiar with the Hendrix song. I did have that album back in the 70’s.
Sep 08 2022
at 8:38 PM
Bookmark and Share also just out & pretty happenin is a tune by antonio sanchez, dave matthews, and pat called ’eh hee 2.0’ . . . . at any rate, i think that’s the name of it. it’s on the utuber. another good dose of pat rocking out. i know it’s not ’popular’ in these dour times to dig DM, but i always have anyway.
Sep 08 2022
at 8:03 AM
Bookmark and Share Very astute observation, shock. I’ve listened to this track several more times recently, with your comment in mind, and agree with your analogy. Good ears. (9-8-2022)
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