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Jun 29 2022
at 5:38 PM
The other night when I re-listened to Quartet Live (Gary Burton, Pat Metheny, Steve Swallow, Antonio Sanchez) I heard another great version of Question And Answer. Instead of the trio versions with Dave Holland and Roy Haynes, Question And Answer and Trio > Live with Larry Grenadier and Bill Stewart, this was a quartet (with Vibraphone). Another great version of a great song with the common denominator being Pat’s wailing Roland GR300 solo. I need to listen to the Like Minds version next. I was sure Q & A was on another one of Pat’s recordings, but I can’t find it. All three versions that I’ve heard so far are excellent and different.
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Jul 05 2022
at 11:29 PM
Bookmark and Share Every Pat and Antonio duet I have seen live, on record or video has been excellent. To say they are on the same wavelength is an understatement. it’s way beyond that. Antonio has played with Pat off and on since 1998, 24 years now. now.
Jul 04 2022
at 10:32 PM
Bookmark and Share My favorite for years has been the Pat/Antonio duo live. Sanchez just crushing. The outro absolutely amazing!
Jul 01 2022
at 2:28 PM
Bookmark and Share Revised post ; Favorite version is Quartet Live (Burton, Metheny, Swallow, Sanchez) close second Trio > Live third Question And Answer (Holland, Haynes) and last Like Minds.
Jun 30 2022
at 4:55 PM
Bookmark and Share I just listened to original version of Q & A from the Pat trio with Dave Holland and Roy Haynes. It was excellent but tame compared to the other versions. Excellent playing by all three musicians. I then listened to the Like Minds version (Gary Burton, Pat, Chick Corea, Dave Holland and Roy Haynes). I thought that version was too short and too many musicians. N o extended solos or Pat’s wailing Roland 300 guitar. My favorite is probably Trio > Live with Quartet Live next. Third is Holland and Haynes version.
Jun 30 2022
at 2:13 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi Marc, The only other version of Q&A that I am aware of is on Roy Haynes CD : Fountain of Youth. There could be others, but this is the only one I can find.
Jun 30 2022
at 1:57 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi Marc, here you can find all official releases os Question and Answer. It seems like there is no other Pat release.
Jun 30 2022
at 9:47 AM
Bookmark and Share IFor me, the Trio Live recording is my favorite by far.
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