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SUBJECT: The 100 Jazz Albums That Shook The World Back to Subjects
Jun 30 2022
at 5:56 PM
I recently received the 2022 edition of Jazzwise magazine’s Thee 100 Jazz Albums That Shook The World. Pat’s record 80/81 was #31. Please see my post "80/81 (the song, not the record)" regarding the record. At the back of the book they listed the results from the 1999 and 2006 editions. In 1999 Pat Metheny’s Travels record was #72 and in the 2006 edition Bright Size Life was #31. Reviews of these two records weren’t available. I understand why BSL is listed, but I am curious what the review said. My guess is that it being a great live record that was well recorded and produced. An excellent record representing Pat’s career at that time.
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Aug 22 2022
at 12:35 PM
Bookmark and Share facing west : I agree with you, the many critics and some Jazz snobs write off Pat because he is too "commercial" and sells a lot of records. And it’s amazing how many famous Jazz musicians think so highly of Pat as a musician. Starting with Gary Burton and followed by all the Jazz musicians that appeared on his records. As much as I like Downbeat and their annual Critics Poll, I am amazed by their poll choices. As everyone at the AG knows I am a huge Pat fan and can’t comprehend how Pat and his music where overlooked by many critics. Goes to show, for those that can’t play, become a critic. That is why I was so happy to see three of Pat’s first ten records make the "100" lists. Amazing statistic. Thanks for responding, I was getting tired of talking (posting) to myself.
facing west
Aug 21 2022
at 6:09 PM
Bookmark and Share Marc, one thing I noticed about jazz critics in general is that they don’t like musicians who sell a few records. Not even a lot of records by pop music standards. This was probably more of a thing when records were more of a thing, but any jazz musician who achieves commercial success is automatically suspect. Besides Pat, a guy like Donald Byrd would be a case in point. Wes Montgomery is another example. For some reason, there is some kind of ’purity’ test applied to improvised music. I used to live in Toronto, and there was a jazz DJ there who refused to play anything "outside the tradition" -- whatever that is.
Aug 19 2022
at 10:23 AM
Bookmark and Share I just noticed at the back of the book it said that From This Place was one of the records that almost made the list. They gave it a great mini review. Did anyone else read this post or am I just talking (posting) to myself? I just like seeing Pat get good reviews by the critics.
Jul 17 2022
at 11:15 AM
Bookmark and Share More accolades for Pat, this time from JazzTimes magazine. Yesterday I found my December 2020 JazzTimes Special 50th Anniversary Issue and read the article "The Top 50 Albums of the Past 50 Years". JazzTimes contributing writers and readers selected the most significant records. For the 70’s Bright Size Life made the critics list and Readers List (#6). Mini review stated "Arguably one of the most influential jazz debut of the past 50 years, certainly the most influential by a guitarist". For the 80’s the critics selected 80/81 and it was #1 pick for the Readers. The mini review mentioned that 26 year old Pat assembled a heavy-weight band. Surprisingly the critics didn’t pick any of Pat’s records after the 80’s. For the 90’s the readers picked Pat’s record with Dave Holland and Roy Haynes (#2) and Pat and Charlie Haden’s Beyond the Missouri Sky (Short Stories) (#4). For the 00’s The Way Up (#5) and 10’s The Unity Band (#6). At least Pat made the critics list twice as a sideman for Michael Brecker, (Michael Brecker and Pilgrimage).
Jul 14 2022
at 12:57 PM
Bookmark and Share I thought it was very impressive that Pat’s first record, Bright Size Life made the list. Very ground-breaking record for the time, especially with Jaco on electric bass. Maybe Pat will release the outtakes or unreleased songs one of these years. Gary Burton still hasn’t gotten credit for Producing BSL, except by Pat.
Jul 01 2022
at 2:42 PM
Bookmark and Share I just noticed in my post I meant to write I was curious why Travels was selected.
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