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SUBJECT: Which album have you played the most? Back to Subjects
Jul 03 2022
at 10:49 PM
Any Metheny album. Or your top three. 80/81 is in there for me!
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Aug 05 2022
at 11:29 PM
Bookmark and Share Ok, I love most of them ! But somehow Offramp was to me that early pioneering synth sound which I had never heard, and to RBI’s day I love that album. And I thought Imaginary Day was another pioneering genre of jazz. From there I have many close runner ups ….. and like all Pat’s albums, they tend to explore the unbeaten path….
Aug 05 2022
at 7:20 AM
Bookmark and Share I bought the "White Album" on its release day, and have been playing it to death the following twenty four years :) Runner up must be First Circle, followed by Offramp and Still Life
Jul 27 2022
at 11:43 AM
Bookmark and Share Imaginary Day ,The Road to You, and Kin
facing west
Jul 05 2022
at 8:46 AM
Bookmark and Share Probably Still Life (Talking); Aja; New Chautauqua. Albums that stay great decade after decade.
Jul 05 2022
at 12:06 AM
Bookmark and Share Dudely : I have had a lot of listening time while recovering from two separate surgeries. So I have been listening to quite a few of my huge Pat Metheny CD collection. Only play once per record. Check out my other posts to see my results for favorite Pat records in ten year periods. Also my posts regarding Pat Metheny trios. 80/81 is a classic (see my post "100 Jazz Albums That Shook The World". Everyone on that record is playing at such a high level. Probably my favorite record with Jack DeJohnette, he is on fire on 80/81.
Jul 04 2022
at 9:49 PM
Bookmark and Share Side-Eye NYC (VI-IV)
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