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Jul 27 2022
at 11:54 AM I look to see: Julian Lage, Antonio Sanchez Bad Hombre, Bill Frisell Trio, Vijay Iyer Trio, John Scofield "Yankee Go Home"
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Nov 10 2022
at 5:46 PM
Bookmark and Share franksexton : I think you will really enjoy it. Not only is the performance by all three musicians excellent, but so is the recording. It sounds like your sitting dead center in a small Jazz club with a great sound system. Very attentive German audience (no talking heard, applause at end and no clinking glassware). I forgot howq good the trio is.
Nov 08 2022
at 7:33 PM
Bookmark and Share Marc, I wasn’t there. I am going a revisit Golden Striker based on your praise.
Oct 23 2022
at 8:44 AM
Bookmark and Share franksexton : Did you watch the Ron Carter documentary on Friday (October 21) on PBS? It repeats today (October 23) at 2:00 CST. At the beginning of the video he is at the DJF performing with his quartet and four cellos. That year he was the artist-in-residence and played all four days. I saw myself sitting in the audience at 12:00 mark. If you were there you might be in one of the several audience shots. I didn’t or expect to see my name in the Credits.
Sep 02 2022
at 5:19 PM
Bookmark and Share franksexton : Enjoy the DJF and please review the bands you see. Every year that I went I got a VIP Pass so I would get to sit in the best seats and had access to the food and drinks. Doubling the cost of the VIP Pass ($500 to $1,000) lost me this year and for the foreseeable future. Only time I would do it is Pat was the Artist In Residence again.
Aug 11 2022
at 12:23 AM
Bookmark and Share Once again the Detroit Jazz Festival is far superior to the Chicago Jazz Festival, especially the lineup and schedule. Several bands I would like to see are playing first or second at the main stage so short sets (40-45 minutes) and the last night Donald Harrison is the last show (fourth) with a long set (75 minute), but I would have to sit or sleep through several shows I have no interest in. Those bands may cause a mass exodus when the start to play. Not worth my time to attend. I am also trying to be careful about the new COVID strains. I have been out on Medical Leave since January 28th for two surgeries plus COVID while recovering from one of the surgeries. I haven’t seen very many shows this year or this decade.
Aug 11 2022
at 12:12 AM
Bookmark and Share franksexton : I won’t be at the DJF this year but would love to see several shows. I am guessing you are aware of most , if not all. My picks would be Abdullah Ibrahim, Artemis, JD Allen Trio, Emmet Cohen Trio, Vijay Iyer, Ambrose Akinmusire Quartet, Bill Frisell Trio, Chucho Valdes (Creation) and Ethan Iverson. Heads up on the John Scofield Yankee Go Home band who I saw earlier this year. Scofield, Vicente Archer and Jon Cowherd were very good, but Josh Dion the drummer didn’t impress me at all. I know the music was Rock & Roll songs so they used a Rock drummer, but it ruined the show for me. His drumming kind of overpowered the rest of the band. For me it would have been a better show with Bill Stewart. Enjoy the DJF and let me know your thoughts about the lineup. I have had a bad year surgery-wise and haven’t worked since January 28th so no money for travel this year.
facing west
Aug 01 2022
at 11:15 AM
Bookmark and Share Would love to see Theo Croker – LOVE QUANTUM featuring Gary Bartz -- on the Monday show.
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