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SUBJECT: A day to celebrate Pat Back to Subjects
Aug 08 2022
at 1:03 PM
It’s that time again! Pat’s birthday is upon us. May we send our best wishes to Pat who keeps creating gifts for us. His tours are still coming for us to enjoy. Stay Safe out there Pat. Happy Birthday and please, many more ...
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facing west
Aug 14 2022
at 10:18 AM
Bookmark and Share Even though Pat appears to approach music primarily from a secular perspective, like Linda, some of us experience "the spiritual force in the music." It’s just a thing.
Aug 14 2022
at 8:33 AM
Bookmark and Share Happy belated, Pat. Long may you live!
Aug 13 2022
at 9:31 PM
Bookmark and Share Happy Birthday, Pat !!! …. From all indications, you’re still very young . I don’t know how you do it ! 130+ concerts a year in practically every corner of the civilized earth. I’m am in awe of your accomplishments as a musician but even more so as a person. I am in awe of your creativity , drive and unequaled talent .My very very best wishes !
Aug 13 2022
at 8:26 AM
Bookmark and Share linda2011 : Being a dancer you will probably really appreciate Pat’s dance compositions that I discovered here. Go to MEDIA and scroll to FILM SCORES, scroll to ADIEUX 1988. I normally wouldn’t watch any dance videos, but they are composed by Pat. Three videos for your viewing.
Aug 12 2022
at 10:27 PM
Bookmark and Share Today, I listened to Secret Story, which I save for important occasions. It is powerful because of the spiritual force in the music for me. I’ve followed Pat since 1980, when I heard him in Telluride, Co. It rained, then snowed & everyone hid in corners. Then, the sun came out and the Pat Metheny Band played. It blew my mind. I’m a former dancer and now a Boomer who still dances to Pat’s music. Happy Birthday, brother !
facing west
Aug 12 2022
at 6:36 AM
Bookmark and Share Pat brings some serious Leo energy. He’s practically a poster boy for the Sun sign. May he shine on!
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