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dave c
Aug 23 2022
at 3:04 PM
In the Summer of 1982, I attended a PMG concert at the Paramount Theater in Asbury Park, NJ with my brother and my friend who introduced me to Pat’s music. It was the night I (foolishly) decided to change my major from engineering to music. Pat, if you ever read this form, would you please consider playing here again? (I’m walking the boardwalk as I type this.). I understand you used to play here for final rehearsals before Group tours, and the theater seems to be back in full swing post- COVID. It would be great.
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From: Message:
Aug 24 2022
at 8:13 AM
Bookmark and Share dave c : Pat’s coming to Red Bank NJ this year. Probably as close as he will get to Asbury Park. I know Pat’s brother Mike is on AG (PatsBro).
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