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Sep 02 2022
at 8:31 AM
I once read early in his career Pat refused to appear on the cover of a music magazine because they had never featured a Black musician on the cover. Can anyone here verify and let me know where you read it?
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Oct 02 2022
at 10:58 AM
Bookmark and Share Thank you roeltie. I knew I read it somewhere, but couldn’t remember where. I went through my stash of magazines about Pat and tried Googling the subject. I really appreciated your assistance.
Sep 28 2022
at 1:46 PM
Bookmark and Share Hello Marc, The answer to your question is much closer than you ever could think. Check the page "Writings" on this community and look for the article "Music and the creative spirit..." from 2006 There it is :) Glad to find it for you Ciao
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