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facing west
Sep 24 2022
at 1:56 PM
Pharoah Sanders has died at 81. A true original. His 2021 collaboration with Floating Points and the London Symphony Orchestra, Promises, is a late career masterpiece.
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Oct 16 2022
at 6:11 PM
Bookmark and Share franksexton, so you saw that movie. Scary orange monster with orange hair.
Oct 14 2022
at 9:13 AM
Bookmark and Share so Marc , I have to say it "The Creature has a master plan, Domination of all the land,..."
Oct 10 2022
at 1:57 PM
Bookmark and Share Found it, High In The Missouri Sky was the record title and The Moon Is A Hirsch Mistress a song.
Oct 10 2022
at 1:50 PM
Bookmark and Share franksexton : The Creature Has A Master Plan was a Science Fiction movie. I recently saw that there is a Japanese rerelease of Pat & Charlie Haden’s Missouri Sky record. The record and song titles translations were hilarious. I wish I could remember them.
Oct 10 2022
at 9:42 AM
Bookmark and Share Karma is the the name of the recording I had with The Creator has a master plan in it.
Oct 09 2022
at 11:41 PM
Bookmark and Share The other night I listened to Joey DeFrancesco’s record In The Key Of The Universe from 2019(?). Three tracks with Pharoah Sanders, including The Creator Has A Master Plan. Very good record with Joey’s trio. Both Joey and Pharoah died within a few days. Both will be missed.
Oct 08 2022
at 5:13 AM
Bookmark and Share franksexton . . . . happens to me all the time . . . . take care man.
Oct 07 2022
at 9:24 AM
Bookmark and Share mole , thanks for correcting me. I was thinking creator but somehow typed the other.
Oct 04 2022
at 7:10 AM
Bookmark and Share it’s called ’the creator has a master plan’, from the leon thomas album named ’spirits known and unknown’.
Oct 03 2022
at 5:53 PM
Bookmark and Share He had a unique sound. My favorites were from Coltrane’s "Live in Japan" and Leon Thomas’ "The Creature Has a Master Plan". One of the Great ones.
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