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Sep 27 2022
at 8:18 AM
One of Pat’s great sidemen project is the soundtrack for the movie Under Fire from 1983. He is guest soloist and the music is composed by Jerry Goldsmith. It’s fantastic music really something special and beautiful solo’s by Pat. Now for someone who really dig this music its interesting to hear the isolated score track from the movie on the US blu-ray version. It has some music different then on the soundtrack cd. So for enthousiasts check it out, you won’t regret it.
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facing west
Sep 28 2022
at 9:37 AM
Bookmark and Share The Goldsmith thing is kind of interesting. In the book, Pat Metheny: The ECM Years, Pat talks about the importance of hanging out with Goldsmith and reconsidering his approach to composition. Apparently Goldsmith advised Pat not to compose music that he already knew how to play. This led to a ’blitz’ of creative activity, including the composition of the title track, First Circle.
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