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facing west
Sep 27 2022
at 2:41 PM
According to Spotify, combining group / solo work, Pat’s most streamed tracks (in millions) are: This is Not America, 33.9; Last Train Home, 17.9; And I Love Her, 10.2; Don’t Know Why, 7.8; Cinema Paradiso, 5.2; Are You Going With Me?, 4.6; Have You Heard, 3.5, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, 3.5; Bright Size Life, 3.1; James, 1.9.
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From: Message:
Mar 01 2023
at 5:55 AM
Bookmark and Share Showing how the mass media usually fails to get the point, it’s ironic that Pat’s most popular work features approximately no guitar playing.
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