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SUBJECT: Fred Simon sighting Back to Subjects
Dec 12 2022
at 8:21 AM
Last night at the Goldings, Bernstein, Stewart show at the Jazz Showcase (Chicago) I ran into Fred as he was entering the club. I mentioned several of us at the AG have been wondering where he went. He is still in Evanston IL and has had several gigs in local venues. He mentioned he may appear here at the Garage soon.
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Dec 28 2022
at 9:15 PM
Bookmark and Share Thank you Fred, I was just the messenger for several others here at the AG. Welcome back and I look forward to your future posts. I recently posted about the new Goldings, Bernstein, Stewart record. What like to see your take on the record or Jazz Showcase show. I thought both were excellent. Since Joey DeFrancesco’s passing this may be my favorite organ trio.
Dec 27 2022
at 7:13 PM
Bookmark and Share Hello to all and season’s greetings! Thanks to MarcNebo for the shout out (and great to see you at the Goldings/Bernstein/Stewart gig)! Nice to reconnect with AG here. I’m mostly on Facebook these days but will try to keep a foot in the door here, too. It’s been so long that I’ve been here that I couldn’t recover my login info, so I just created a new account. Same old Fred Simon, though. All the best to all y’all!
Dec 26 2022
at 8:15 AM
Bookmark and Share When I mentioned that there was several of us looking for him in the Garage, he said it was time for him to revisit it. I look forward to his return.
Dec 23 2022
at 10:32 AM
Bookmark and Share I modeled my login name after him. One of my favorite musicians. I hope he comes back to the Garage.
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