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Dec 27 2022
at 2:19 PM
I’ve always thought Pat’s montages on the Group and other album artwork were interesting: revealing and mysterious. The mini-synopses on We Live Here of band members’ favorite music have been instructive, too. That cover also has, I think it’s the hometown, of molesoulsandal on it. Does anyone know if that’s two eggs sunnyside-up sitting on the ladder on the cover of Secret Story? That’s what it looks like to me, but I could be off-base. -- Aside: NPR has been playing some of Road to the Sun and "Sunlight" as bumper music. They’ve always had an affinity for Pat’s music.
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Sep 03 2023
at 7:57 PM
Bookmark and Share I have been very impressed with all the records since TWU. Pat does a great job at writing compositions and arranging for the musicians in his bands. He is confident that they will add their own touches to the music. I think they are some of his best recordings. I think some of the guitar picks in the Store are Pat’s doodles. I am pretty sure he devotes a lot of time to his family when not touring or recording. I think he usually sets time aside for them at Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Sep 03 2023
at 1:06 AM
Bookmark and Share Pat’s montages and doodles impressed me early on. It showed how he could do it all, composing and bandleading and playing guitars of his own invention. More recently, I see less of his visual art adorning his musical output, but he’s a busy man. Everyone should check out Linda Manzer’s 30th Anniversary Metheny guitars. Only 30 were made, a few years ago. The fretboards are adorned with dozens of inlaid Pat doodles, instead of fret markers.
Jan 02 2023
at 8:26 AM
Bookmark and Share naut : Great comments and observation. The Road To The Sun and Kin had some great packaging which carried over to the T-shirts. I also have a pretty big collection of the signed mini posters that I received for pre-ordering CD from this website. Add great businessman to his resume.
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