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SUBJECT: John Helliwell (ex-Supertramp) compliments Metheny Back to Subjects
Jan 03 2023
at 9:09 PM
On John Beaudin’s "Rock History Music" Youtube page, Helliwell is interviewed. Helliwell released "Don’t Ever Leave Me" in November 22. On this album he performs an interpretation of "From This Place" in a jazz quartet. Both discuss "From This Place" and the "As Falls Wichita..." album, which fascinates Helliwell. Note that "Don’t Ever Leave Me" is the Hammerstein/Kern tune that Keith Jarrett recorded on ECM on "At The Blue Note," "The Melody At Night, With You," and "Jasmine." So Helliwell recorded that tune as a quartet, a trio, a duet and solo. I never heard of Challenge Records until today. It’s a great sounding album that, to me, should have been released on Nonesuch. They could have put a bit more marketing push behind it.
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