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Jan 11 2023
at 8:22 PM
Sad news of the passing of a legend. Had the joy of seeing him live on three occasions. Like Pat he was unique, as Rick Beato said, he was un-copiable. The whammy bar, distortion, the feel, the interpretations, the covers of vocal songs from opera to pop, blues, jazz and exotic. Sometimes I wish my heroes would outlive me so I can be entertained by them forever. Live at Ronnie Scotts is going will be on repeat for a while at home. Still can’t believe it!
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Jan 21 2023
at 6:19 PM
Bookmark and Share Truth album...the great Nicky Hopkins filling in the piano parts. So many twists and turns in his career. The melodies will linger on.
Jan 20 2023
at 10:01 AM
Bookmark and Share broph, add "You Know, You Know" to your list. My first and favorite Jeff album is "Rough and Ready".
Jan 19 2023
at 9:52 PM
Bookmark and Share Oops, I misspoke. I actually read it in an interview here: theatre/2023/01/jeff-beck-interview-tribute-guitar-hero The last two paragraphs: Of the top three guitarists in the world, Beck is OK playing with John McLaughlin (“I’ve done John”), although he has turned down an invitation to appear with McLaughlin’s “butterfly” drummer Billy Cobham (“I’m not up to that standard”). However, he is not sure that he can go to see the third player in the Planet Earth axe triumvirate, Pat Metheny, when he appears at Ronnie Scott’s the week we speak. “They asked me if I wanted to go,” he says. “But I don’t know if I can see any other guitarists. It might just send me a curve ball. Maybe I’ll go. Or here’s what I’ll do. I’ll sit in Bar Italia across the way, getting plastered, and you can tell me how it was.”
Jan 18 2023
at 9:17 PM
Bookmark and Share What a loss, but he gave everything he had. On the Ronnie Scott DVD there are extra interviews with Jeff. In one of the interviews he mentioned maybe popping over a crossed the street to see a musician named Pat Metheny. Photo of Jeff & Pat together (not taken by me):
Jan 18 2023
at 12:17 PM
Bookmark and Share "Guitar Shop" my first Jeff Beck album, first track that grabbed me "Where were you". Something about those titles with "you" in them, "Are you going with me" and "Always with me, always with you" Joe Satriani, all tunes that grabbed me on first listen.
Jan 14 2023
at 12:54 PM
Bookmark and Share A giant loss. I saw Jeff in St. Louis at the Ambassador in ’75. He was only 31 but already wailing like a magician. Blow by Blow is magical, of course. I hope to hear Live at Ronnie Scott’s in the near future. May those who knew and heard you, Jeff, be blessed by the grand & ringing music that you left.
Jan 13 2023
at 9:32 PM
Bookmark and Share Memorable rock guitarist, not my brand of music but appreciated his unique style,Holding the guitar below his waist and stroking it without a glance at the instrument…. I vividly remember his recruitment of the young Australian gal, Tal Wilkenfeld in the Crosswords concert 2007. I actually thought Tal outperformed him but Jeff obviously was behind her 100 percent…. He was born to perform in his unique style..
Jan 13 2023
at 12:33 PM
Bookmark and Share Huge, huge loss. Hard to believe as he was so recently playing live. Goes to show you I guess. His tone, touch and solos on " ’Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers" and "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat" are for the ages, and are permanently embedded in my brain.
Tyler Durden
Jan 12 2023
at 7:35 PM
Bookmark and Share Freshman in HS 1975 when Blow By Blow came out and then endlessly on the turntable. Beck, one of the all time greats, and completely unique in his sound. Just fearless in pushing the boundaries of electric guitar. No one else sounds like Jeff, and no one will again. Very sad day.
Jan 12 2023
at 12:57 PM
Bookmark and Share I will always remember being in Sears in the 70s, and the album section with that seminal album "Blow By Blow". Its my top 5 album ever. Game changing album. And you are correct, that 2007 Ronnie Scotts week was so incredible and its must viewing on YouTube. Jeff Beck....
Jan 12 2023
at 12:55 PM
Bookmark and Share Amongst all the ultra-powered electronics, was a real, instantly recognizable voice and high-level musicianship. Beck could wail but also be emotionally lyrical i.e. tracks such as "Diamond Dust", "Elegy from Dunkirk" and "Nessun Dorma" (Puccini!) to name only a few. A legend who ranks near the top in the guitar pantheon and will be missed.
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