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Jan 26 2023
at 11:10 AM
Does anyone else besides me hear some subtle similarities between "The First Circle" and "A Place in the World" (SoN)? Maybe I’m just hearing things, but it strikes me that both tunes share some sonic and rhythmic characteristics. Both great songs, especially the latter with Bona’s gorgeous outro, which I’ve already noted some time ago.
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Feb 06 2023
at 10:27 PM
Bookmark and Share Replying again: I just listened to the album version, and the live version (which I still haven’t found) definitely has a super-extended Metheny-strumming section right after Cuong Vu’s solo which is way better than the album version.
Feb 06 2023
at 10:26 PM
Bookmark and Share I view them as having similar atmosphere, with A Place The World Being a little more "ominous" versus First Circle which is 100percent pure uplifting. But both have the classic PMG sound with swells of piano + guitar + drums + vocals. Interludes of piano solo (no guitar solo), re-swelling, tons of buildup. As I talk myself through it, yes I agree with you. I don’t hear any motifs that overlap but the general ambiance is similar in that both have the sort of orchestral-PMG sound that no other group can really replicate. I feel like Speaking of Now didn’t get the credit it deserves: You is one of Pat’s best songs IMO, and Pat’s strummed interlude in A Place in the World is super intense, and almost feels like a precursor to You Are from From This Place (which isn’t really similar but for some reason I get the same ominous vibe). Thanks for reminding me of this amazing tune, you got me to re-listen to it, and I’m searching YouTube for a live version which must exist somewhere.
Jan 30 2023
at 5:00 AM
Bookmark and Share I know what you mean, naut. I`ve heard the same thing long time ago, and always thought the two songs may be cousins :) Beautiful songs, both of them, and I still play them a lot
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