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Mar 07 2023
at 2:02 AM
I was fortunate to see Wayne play live twice: once with Weather Report in the ’70s, and much later with his quartet in Boulder. I respect what Herbie had to say about his passing: "He was ready for his rebirth." Shorter’s playing with Joni was integral to her later work. A master artist has left us for now. RIP Wayne Shorter.
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Mar 13 2023
at 12:09 PM
Bookmark and Share Correction: Did not see Wayne Shorter with Weather Update in San Fran ’86--false memory! He was doing other things which was why Zawinul called the band ...Update...
Mar 10 2023
at 9:15 PM
Bookmark and Share Got to see Wayne twice--With WR at UNLV in ’83 or ’84 (Omar Hakim/Victor Bailey period) and in 1986 at Wolfgang’s in San Francisco (Weather Update with Peter Erskine and Steve Khan). What a privilege it was. Very sorry I didn’t get to see him in his other iterations. My favorite album of his is Alegría.
Mar 08 2023
at 8:50 PM
Bookmark and Share I caught Shorter with Weather Report with Jaco Pastorius maybe six times and several times with the next band. Twice with his quartet in recent years. WR shows were always amazing. Another legend has left us.
Mar 07 2023
at 10:35 AM
Bookmark and Share I fortunate to see Wayne with Herbie, 1st row center, at the Sheldon Theater in St. Louis. A great show. RIP Wayne.
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