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Mar 26 2023
at 1:21 PM
I recently was going through my file cabinet and discovered some old Pat Metheny newsletters. I found Issue Two of "Have You Heard : The Pat Metheny Newsletter" with a Pat Metheny Secret Story Interview Part Two. It’s Pat’s comments on individual tracks of Secret Story. Very interesting and in depth analysis. It was from Fall of 1992. I also found two articles from the Pat Metheny Group Listener Network Web ( one on reviews of the Jim Hall/Pat Metheny record and the second article "about the instrumentation" on Imaginary Day. Both also very interesting. Both articles were from 1999. I probably fill a whole file drawer with magazines featuring articles on Pat, my five program books and other papers I have saved over the past 45 years.
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Apr 07 2023
at 11:57 PM
Bookmark and Share Tonight I found another Pat Metheny folder in my file cabinet with two more Have You Heard newsletters. The Summer 1995 issue discusses the "We Live Here" tour "A View From Japan". Also there is a Q & A with Pat "Talks On- Line" where he answered two questions from two of his fans. In the Winter 1995 newsletter Pat does another "Track By Track, Tunes" for his record "We Live Here". Will read it this weekend (Easter) while listening to the record. Sometimes it pays to be a Pack Rat or maybe Pat Rack since I made these recent re-discoveries of Pat’s newsletters. I wish he had the time to still do this. I’ll post here next week with my analysis.
Mar 29 2023
at 11:25 PM
Bookmark and Share franksexton : Thank you for the compliment. I have a pretty wide range of other Jazz musicians and bands, but after following Pat since 1977 he has been my favorite musician. His discography is uncompearable (SP) to any other musician in any genre. Maybe JS Bach comes close, but he hasn’t composed anything new in years.
Mar 28 2023
at 9:13 AM
Bookmark and Share Marc, if there was a category for "Superfan" you would fit.
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