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Apr 02 2023
at 9:02 AM
Does anyone in this carport know what instrument makes that sort of percussive popping sound that comes in around :38 to around :50 or so and again at 1:45 to approx. 2:00 on "Yolanda You Learn"? Is that claves? Something Lyle is doing on his synth? Another type of sonic wizardry? I’ve wondered about this for approaching 40 years. Pat’s synth outro is so joyous on this tune. His phrasing at 3:25 to 3:31 is one of those moments he encapsulates the whole tradition. He really nails the horn timbre -- trumpet, his first instrument -- on that final minute & a half. Was he thinking of Satch perhaps? (Hats off to Mr. A. L. Bragg, btw)
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