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Apr 03 2023
at 6:42 PM
Just seeing mention of this today 4/3/23 for the Fall, here in the USA. What do we know??? Because I know nothing of this! Lol James Capes
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May 25 2023
at 11:21 PM
Bookmark and Share mugsy and patsfan: I hope Berkeley and Sacramento are close enough for you. I am anxiously waiting for the Chicago date. My insider info was that it was a venue that’s not one of my favorites. The Milwaukee gig is at a venue that has a Jazz Series, so the people that get the series get the best seats. I want to be up close for this show. Will let you know what happens.
May 23 2023
at 11:53 PM
Bookmark and Share Mugsy….. SF wins by 5 but I’ll take the Sacto show !! I’m trying to imagine what Pat has dreamed up in his spare time…..
May 19 2023
at 5:53 PM
Bookmark and Share To all SF Bay area folks - Pat is playing in Berkeley at Freight & Salvage for three nights in November!! Six shows all together.
May 05 2023
at 11:19 PM
Bookmark and Share patsfan The Dream Box Tour is still about five months away. I am sure a lot will shape up in the schedule. Pat can’t and won’t pass up major cities on his tour route. I just bought a ticket for Side-Eye in a Chicago suburb near me and earlier got a ticket for Side-Eye about a 2.5 hour Amtrak ride away. I can’t pass up a chance to hear Pat twice in a year. Dream Box Tour would make it three times.
May 02 2023
at 11:23 PM
Bookmark and Share Marc and Mugsy …. U both are such dedicated fans !! I’m thinking of taking your example and hitching hiking to Portland.. Or, Mugsy, maybe we could car pool to Portland ? Oh, well, I’ll hold out hope for the next few months …..
Apr 22 2023
at 9:43 PM
Bookmark and Share mugsy & patsfan : There is still a big gap in Pat’s Dream Box schedule between SoCal and Oregon. Per Pat’s past tours he fills in the gaps by the time the tour starts. I expect a Chicago stop after Milwaukee and the Indiana dates. I am doing a road trip (actually railroad trip, Amtrak not hobo-style) to Champaign IL for the Side-Eye gig. I got a seventh row, off-center seat.
Apr 21 2023
at 9:50 PM
Bookmark and Share Yeh, Mugsy …. Praying that SF or other No Calif venue becomes available, but so far it’s not looking hopeful ….
Apr 11 2023
at 2:35 AM
Bookmark and Share Hey Tomm, I believe Pat’s solo Dreambox starts in Sept. so if you have tix for October- I believe it will be the solo tour. I am hoping he is also coming to San Francisco- no word yet.
facing west
Apr 06 2023
at 2:35 PM
Bookmark and Share This has my imagination working overtime. That’s Pat--the possibilities are infinite.
Apr 05 2023
at 3:31 PM
Bookmark and Share I got an email yesterday about Pat paying in Dallas in October and tickets went on sale this morning. I bought tickets and assumed it was the Side Eye group playing with him. I did a little searching after seeing your post and I came across some Dream Box tour information - it was posted by a theater that Pat was playing at a couple of days before Dallas. All of which makes me wonder - which tour do I now have tickets for? I’m always glad to see Pat no matter what "group" is playing with him, but I’m starting to think it’s going to be solo tour described in the article put out by the theater he plays at just before he comes to Dallas.
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