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May 03 2023
at 9:26 AM
I just finished making my travel plans to see Side-Eye in Champaign IL on June 16th. Also I purchased a ticket on Monday for Side-Eye at their show at Ravinia on June 20th. Will be interesting to see how different the shows are. I have a seventh row seat close to center at the Champaign show.
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May 10 2023
at 11:25 PM
Bookmark and Share Has anyone in the AG heard of Chris Fishman or have seen him with Side-Eye? So far I have seen Side-Eye with James Francies and Marcus Gilmore and then James Francies and Joe Dyson. I am looking forward to these shows. In the Downbeat article/interview Pat said this version of the band has a different sound. I’ll leave a review here after the second show.
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