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May 03 2023
at 9:26 AM
I just finished making my travel plans to see Side-Eye in Champaign IL on June 16th. Also I purchased a ticket on Monday for Side-Eye at their show at Ravinia on June 20th. Will be interesting to see how different the shows are. I have a seventh row seat close to center at the Champaign show.
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Oct 15 2023
at 9:25 PM
Bookmark and Share As of October 15th the two Side_Eye shows that I saw in June are my second and third favorite show of the year. Number one show was the Dream Box solo show on October 1st. I only have seven or eight more shows to see this year. No way they will change the above standings. Three Pat Metheny shows in one year, it doesn’t get better than that.
Jul 14 2023
at 3:09 AM
Bookmark and Share @MarcNebo....well Pat, Joe, and Chris were on fire at the Jazz a Vienne, in the Ancien Theatre.....what a venue, my first time there after having seen many vids of gigs in the Roman vestige (Brad M., Remember Shakti, etc). The parred down Orchestrion I felt added alot of details that came through the sound system. Chris Fishman, what a great pianist/keyboardist, and Joe Dyson was so on point. And for sure Pat was just in his element, It had been 11 years since be last played there. "Zenith Blue" seen live exceeded any expectations I had coming in to this gig....And the weather turned cooler that evening from a pretty warm and balmy day.....Looking forward to next years’ festival and the program on offer.....
Jul 01 2023
at 5:19 AM
Bookmark and Share Marc, I will be seeing the Side Eye at Jazz de Vienne, 12 first time to this Jazz Festival after all these years! And I am stoked. I will report back and am actually looking forward to seeing the parred down Orchestrion...and witnessing them play live "Zenith Blue"......
Jun 29 2023
at 5:08 PM
Bookmark and Share I was hoping to get other opinions from American Garage regarding the use of the mini-Orchestrion during the Side-Eye tours and record. Personally I have mixed opinions, I would prefer to hear just the trio playing, but I know Pat knows what he is trying to achieve. I know he uses it to enhance the sound of the trio and make it fuller. There were times in the shows when I wasn’t sure who or what (Orchestrion) was making certain sounds. Especially because Chris Fishman was so fluent on his various synthesizers. I forgot to mention in my reviews of both the Illinois shows that Pat opened the shows with two songs (one new) on the Pikasso Guitar. At the second of the shows I saw a closeup of the guitar on the video monitor. On the regular-looking guitar portion you could see Pat playing the Bass notes.
Jun 27 2023
at 11:30 PM
Bookmark and Share Both of the Side-Eye shows that I saw in Illinois were excellent. This was the third version of the trio that I have seen and my favorite. As Pat said in an article that Chris Fishman brings a different sound to the band. I noticed he was more synthesizer-centric, but also was an excellent pianist and organist. Joe Dyson’s New Orleans roots creates a special groove to the music. His tambourine, bass drum and high-hat intro to the duet with Pat was incredible. Nice mix of Pat’s classic songs and some new tunes written for this trio (I think). Great solos by all and very tight ensemble playing. I was able to notice Fishman’s interpretations of Pat’s songs was different than James Francies’. After I updated my Pat Metheny concert chronology I discovered the last show (6/20) was my 50th. I am still trying to confirm three shows that I saw years ago. Hopefully this version of Side-Eye will release a record.
Jun 23 2023
at 4:11 PM
Bookmark and Share I saw them in Richmond on 6/12 and it was one of the best Pat shows I’ve seen. I was in the 5th row or so and had absolutely great seats. Aside from a really obnoxious man 2 rows ahead of me that kept whistling and raising his fists throughout the whole (he actually caused Pat to stop playing and mouth "STOP" with a grimace at one point), Pat was completely on-point and his backups were phenomenal. My favorite may have been his duo of Phase Dance with the pianist, but everything was crystal clear and amazing playing.
Jun 22 2023
at 4:37 PM
Bookmark and Share bluepno, it was Joe Dyson on drums, Donald Harrison’s drummer for many years. I have seen him many times with Harrison. Always was very good, but has been excellent with Side-Eye the last three times I have seen them The drummer on the Side-Eye Live NYC record and the first time I saw them was Marcus Gilmore (Roy Haynes grandson. Marcus also is an excellent drummer.
Jun 22 2023
at 12:35 PM
Bookmark and Share Saw them in Portsmouth NH... Jimmy’s Club.... Rock solid evening of music Fishman was great, Orchestrations and Bass was seamless. Pat of course leads the celebration. Could have been Roy Haynes grandson on drums....not sure.
Jun 21 2023
at 9:40 AM
Bookmark and Share I caught the Side-Eye show last night (6/20) in Highland Park. I liked it slightly better than the show in Champaign IL (6/16). Last night the trio played after Pat’s solo acoustic guitar encore. This show verified that this is my favorite version of Side-Eye that I have seen in concert. I will post a longer review after the last US show at the Kennedy Center.
Jun 17 2023
at 5:05 PM
Bookmark and Share I caught Side-Eye last night. The show was excellent and more than I expected. This is my favorite version of Side-Eye that I have seen live. First was with James Francies and Marcus Gilmore, second James Francies and Joe Dyson and finally last night Chris Fishman and Joe Dyson. All played incredibly. I am not sure if Pat was using the new Ibanez PM-CC guitar, that he plays on the Dream Box record. It sounded different to me and was very shiny. If you see the band , let me know if it’s the new guitar. I am going to see the trio again on Tuesday and now that I know what a Charlie Christian pickup looks like I will try to get a better look at Pat’s guitar.
May 10 2023
at 11:25 PM
Bookmark and Share Has anyone in the AG heard of Chris Fishman or have seen him with Side-Eye? So far I have seen Side-Eye with James Francies and Marcus Gilmore and then James Francies and Joe Dyson. I am looking forward to these shows. In the Downbeat article/interview Pat said this version of the band has a different sound. I’ll leave a review here after the second show.
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