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SUBJECT: Other Live Jazz Shows In 2023 Back to Subjects
May 10 2023
at 11:33 PM
This year I have been trying to save more money so will be going for quality shows over quantity. This week I will see the Billy Childs Quartet (with Sean Jones, one of my favorite trumpet players) on Thursday, Dave Holland & Kenny Barron duo and Dave with Kevin Eubanks and Eric Harland (double-bill) Friday and the Joe Farnsworth Quintet on Sunday.
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May 22 2023
at 11:32 PM
Bookmark and Share The Billy Childs Quartet show was very good, great band with Sean Jones one of my favorite trumpet players. I enjoyed the Dave Holland and Kenny Barron duo a lot, The trio was very good, but I thought Kevin Eubanks was the weak link. It was more of a collaboration sound. Joe Farnsworth’s band was very good. Sarah Hanahan, young alto saxophonist was very good. New to me, but a lot of good press from NYC. My next show will be the Branford Marsalis Quartet, always a great show. Anyone else hearing live Jazz shows?
May 20 2023
at 9:18 PM
Bookmark and Share Marc, I heard the Billy Childs concert, terrific. I should let you know (and anyone else interested) that I’ll be presenting a set of my own music for the first time since before the pandemic, next Sunday, May 28, 2023 4:00- 6:00pm on a double bill at The Green Mill as part of the Chicago Jazz Composers Collective series. Joining me will be Dave Onderdonk - guitar, Jon Paul - bass, and Eric Montzka - drums. Got a bunch of new tunes, and some newly revised tunes. First composer (Hunter Diamond) goes 4-5, my band 5-6
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