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May 14 2023
at 4:55 PM
Does anyone know the answer to the following Q? I am aware that the new release (Dream Box) in Japan will have Keith Jarrett’s "Coral", but the international releases are so confusing. Pat keeps talking about nine songs and the pre-order on his site includes only nine songs. But on a lot of links ( there is a tenth tune, Miles Davis’ "Blue in Green", here for example even the exact length of the song is given gclid=CjwKCAjwjYKjBhB5EiwAiFdSfrIErvAw1fB0R0wuhzmD9kYQCxUu6wQF_iUZjW53hZNki8J8IcNhCBoCrHsQAvD_BwE Do you know anything about this? Is the info wrong and there will be only one sort of international release with nine songs and the Japanese with ten or are there going to be three different versions?! I know for a fact e.g. that Brad Mehldau released his duo album with Chris Thile with two different bonus tracks, one on the Japanese version release and a different one on the international but LP version only – which I cannot play... I am just unsure if this Miles Davis extra tune info is reliable or not, because the song order is also confused on different listings, I have seen many different ones. If you know something reliable, please do let me know!
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May 21 2023
at 2:50 AM
Bookmark and Share Hello, Well, in the meantime, from Modern Recordings I have got the info that "Blue in Green" is exclusively on the Vinyl, while the Jarrett tune is the Japanese bonus. Yet, the Hungarian distributor has asked their distributor about this and the latter is still claiming that "BinG" is on the CD as well (European release?), so I have conditionally ordered it – been agreed that if it is not on the CD then I can reconsider. As a big fan of Pat I am even considering of buying a Vinyl player, his music is golden and I have never been disappointed by various bonus tracks exclusively available here and there. I do not mind multiple versions, I just wish everything was available digitally as well – e.g. the "What It Is All About" album had two bonus tracks on the Vinyl, but you could also get them on the Japanese CD release too (if you haven’t, it is well worth it). Best wishes, Attila
May 20 2023
at 6:51 PM
Bookmark and Share Good observation Nemeth21! I too, would like to know about this 10th song. I already pre-ordered the disc from Pat’s website - wondering about cancelling and ordering from one of the internationals - would love to have 10 if available.
May 19 2023
at 11:22 AM
Bookmark and Share Pat played this tune with Charlie Haden around 2020, and also with Cassandra Wilson’s record of Miles Davis tunes (he actually comments on it in his Q&A on this website here: What’s odd is that Pat himself mentions nine tracks in his commentary: "These nine tracks were my favorites and added up to something unique for me. I never played anything more than once. These are really moments in time, and in fact, I have almost no memory of having recorded most of them. They just kind of showed up." My guess is it’s a bonus track, unsure if it’ll be included on all versions of the album. If yours doesn’t have it, I bet it’ll show up on YouTube.
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