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Aug 12 2023
at 1:11 PM
I am interested to hear others experience in how often they hear a PM tune of any sort on the radio. Since the era of streaming began, I regularly stream several jazz radio stations around the country (NYC, San Francisco, Chicago etc.) and have heard a PM tune only 2x; "Phase Dance" on WBGO and the live version of AYGWM on KCCK in Iowa (!). Of course I-Tunes, Spotify etc. allow one to create their own PM Radio stations, but I guess I’m a radio "purist"of sorts who enjoys the spontanaiety and voice of the DJ whoever that may be.
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Nov 17 2023
at 7:21 PM
Bookmark and Share Here in the UK, on Jazz FM they often play Last Train Home and The Search (great Lyle solo) from American Garage, which I fell in love with all over again. Prior to this they played tracks from Road to the Sun. One of the best ever Pat moments on radio here was a brief interview on BBC Radio 2 to support the Secret Story tour when he played a mesmerising version of How Insensitive with UK guitar legend John Etheridge playing rhythm. There have been many other interviews on BBC including a four-parter discussing PM’s music and interviews concerning Jaco and Joni Mitchell. Jazz FM should play more Pat!
Nov 16 2023
at 10:36 AM
Bookmark and Share Pat has always had a great following here in the Philly area. I first heard Phase Dance on WMMR, a rock station that had a couple late night crossover shows in the late 70s. Now I hear him on the Temple U station WRTI quite frequently. And Sirius Real Jazz DJs play his music a good bit.
Nov 01 2023
at 12:26 PM
Bookmark and Share There’s a great jazz station in Toronto, 91.1 jazz FM. They play at least one Pat song every day , they’ll throw some Steely Dan and the like in there as well. Highly recommended!
Sep 03 2023
at 12:53 AM
Bookmark and Share Denver’s jazz station KUVO is under new, younger management, and is openly playing some "fusion." That’s inched open the door for a little more PMG (they’ve traditionally avoided all but Pat’s sideman projects). I’ve heard "Slip Away" with some regularity, which is always welcome, if a tame choice.
Aug 18 2023
at 5:20 PM
Bookmark and Share Not exactly on the "radio," but one of the local TV stations in Dallas/Fort Worth used the opening of "Airstream" as the lead-in for the late night movies - about 10:30 or 11 on the weekends back before the advent of late night talk shows or Saturday Night Live.
Aug 17 2023
at 1:38 PM
Bookmark and Share WRCJ in Detroit (Jazzy Nights) often plays music from Like Minds. Classical Days has also featured Road to the Sun.
Aug 13 2023
at 6:48 PM
Bookmark and Share In Spain it’s almost impossible to listen to jazz neither on a radio station or anywere else. But as in the indomitable village of Axterix, there is one radio station with one program were they play Metheny a lot. The station is the cultural station of the state public broadcasting company, Radio 3. And the program is named after the spanish translation of Bob Moses álbum When Elephants Dream of Music. The Dj is a Jobim ultrafan and a huge brazilian music lover in general and he plays that almost every day. But he is also a jazz lover, Pat is one of his absolute heroes and therefore he plays his music regularly. He also speaks as Joao Gilberto sings, I don’t know if it is on pourpose :) He dedicated a program to Dream Box. Here is the link to stream it, if anyone is interested: elefantes-suenan-con-la-musica/pat-metheny- dream-box/6918626/
Aug 13 2023
at 12:30 AM
Bookmark and Share Hi Kooltrane - I live in the SF Bay Area and our local jazz station (KCSM - 91.1) plays Metheny somewhat regularly. In fact, I heard the first two cuts from DreamBox about three weeks before the release.
Aug 12 2023
at 8:48 PM
Bookmark and Share I heard a short snippet of "Forward March" on the Limbaugh radio broadcast many years ago. The bombastic loud-mouth said, "You have to be really good to play that badly," or some such nonsense. It was meant to be a compliment, but I don’t think Rush has much experience with those.
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