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SUBJECT: Wayne Shorter: Zero Gravity Back to Subjects
Sep 02 2023
at 8:04 AM
If you have not seen the the Shorter doc on Prime, see it now. Outstanding profile of one of PM’s heroes and a true genius/legend.
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Oct 17 2023
at 11:22 PM
Bookmark and Share facing west : I am glad that you checked it out. I am not a fan of Hip Hop, but was impressed that Max embraced it. The parts with Clifford Brown was very emotional especially his response when Clifford died.
facing west
Oct 16 2023
at 9:23 PM
Bookmark and Share That Max Roach doc looks great, Marc. Caught a few clips on YouTube, including how Max Roach fused jazz & hip hop. Look forward to checking out the whole thing.
Oct 14 2023
at 3:23 PM
Bookmark and Share I recently watched a Max Roach Documentary that was excellent a very informative. He was devastated when Cliford Brown (the trumpet player and co-leader in his band). It was a PBS American Masters production. Very much worth watching, a lot of big surprises.
facing west
Oct 10 2023
at 8:57 PM
Bookmark and Share The best jazz documentary I’ve ever seen. Shorter is an inspiring character--a force of nature. His music is eternal. He kept growing, expanding. His art was his life force. The documentary is a brilliant piece of work, but I would have appreciated hearing from Pat. In a way, he’s part of the story. But that’s a small point in the context of the magnificence of Wayne’s musical journey.
facing west
Oct 09 2023
at 10:24 AM
Bookmark and Share Looking forward to checking this out. Spent a couple of hours recently listening to 2018’s EMANON in a two-hour deep dive. It’s astonishing. Looking at Shorter’s discography is also kind of stunning. His body of work almost beyond belief.
Sep 04 2023
at 10:55 AM
Bookmark and Share It was very well done. I have an even greater appreciation for his music after watching it.
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