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Sep 07 2023
at 11:29 PM
Does anyone else at the AG have any of Pat’s DVDs sold at the Store. I have all of them plus The Unity Sessions, and Hommage (for Eberhard Weber and Joni Mitchell’s Shadows And Light. I watched We Live Here : Live In Japan this week. Another great video from Pat. Lyle had some very beautiful long piano solos on several songs, that really reinforced what a great pianist (and underrated) Lyle was. I am very happy that I have five DVDs with Lyle that I can watch and go back in time and appreciate him again. Recently I discovered a VHS tape I recorded of the Pat Metheny Group, Live In Stuttgart 1988. I have no idea the source that I taped it from. All I noted on the tape is that it is 110 minutes long. I may try to get it transferred to a DVD.
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