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Sep 24 2023
at 8:15 AM
Did anyone attend this year’s Detroit Jazz Festival? I remember franksexton usually attends every year. I didn’t make it this year. It’s the same weekend as the Chicago Jazz Festival, but the DJF always has a better lineup. I would have liked to hear the John Scofield Trio with Vicente Archer and Bill Stewart.
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Oct 14 2023
at 3:12 PM
Bookmark and Share franksexton, thank you for responding. I was disappointed by this year’s DJF lineup and new VIP Day Pass price increase. Previous years I got the $500 VIP Pass for all four days and food/beverage package. Why didn’t yo attend this year? I don’t think it will be the same after Gretchen Valde’s passing. Also this year I thought the Artist-In- Residence was weak, especially after previous years (Pat, Wayne Shorter, Ron Carter and several that I wasn’t interested in (Herbie Hancock). If Pat was A-I-R I would go again.
Oct 10 2023
at 12:10 PM
Bookmark and Share I didn’t go this year.
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