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Oct 06 2023
at 9:02 PM
Someday Pat will release some boxset with all his discography? or any album with the best of his work?
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Oct 15 2023
at 9:14 PM
Bookmark and Share I was wrong, all the songs from Selected Recordings Rarum are from Pat’s ECM records starting from Bright Size Life. At this website go to Community and Scroll to Writings and read Pat’s Notes for the record.
Oct 14 2023
at 3:03 PM
Bookmark and Share carlos is you were looking for a Boxset of Pat’s records up to 2023 it would be 50 plus record (CD). My title for it would be "Nothing, But The Best From Pat Metheny". Probably not going to happen for many reasons, first being what does Pat select from his huge Discography and most Pat fans already have most of his records already. There are three record compilation that ECM put out years ago, ECM Works I and Works II (1991) and Selected Recordings (Rarum (X) from 2004. I think the last one is songs selected by Pat with extensive Liner Notes. Also there might be songs from other ECM musicians that had Pat on the record, like Gary Burton.
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