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Oct 10 2023
at 7:03 PM
This post will likely be meaningful only to those longtime participants here on the Metheny American Garage message board. In the early days of this site, this forum was a beacon for many of us, as we congregated with fellow "Pat-heads." While we all shared a common love for Metheny’s music, we also found ways to have spirited discussions about politics, religion, smooth jazz, and pretty much any other topic people might choose to argue about. One key figure in the crowd went by the handle, "barley," and he was the resident barkeep here in the Garage. While barley, myself and many others from the old days eventually wandered away from this forum as regulars, we would still check in from time to time. And fortunately, a few of us even found each other on Facebook. This brings me to the reason for the post. We found out recently that after a swift, unexpected illness, barley passed away. I never got to meet him in person, with him being in England, and me being in the US, but for those of us who connected on FB, got to know him personally, and see what a great guy he was, his loss was absolutely devastating. I’ll be going to see Metheny on his Dream Box tour this week, and I’d like to raise a glass in memory of barley one last time over our shared love for Metheny and his music. Cheers, barley!
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Oct 14 2023
at 3:17 PM
Bookmark and Share facing west, agreed very nice tribute. I also appreciate all the veteran American Garage posters that are still here. With all of them, I would just be talking to myself and I would have to disagree with myself once in a while.
Oct 14 2023
at 12:51 PM
Bookmark and Share Indeed I remember Barley from the old days. Like many I’m a member/poster of a good many years ago (I might say the ‘Fred Simon years’). Like was written I do wander here sometimes. Sad to read about Barley’s passing. Tonight I will poor a wee dram in his memory. Fare thee well, Barley. You were a great guy.
facing west
Oct 13 2023
at 9:26 AM
Bookmark and Share Great tribute. I also appreciate everyone who has posted in AG over the years--and everyone behind the scenes who makes it possible. The Garage is a state of mind we all share. Thank you.
Oct 13 2023
at 8:41 AM
Bookmark and Share Really sad news about Barley. I`ve been in this forum since 1997, and I remember him as one of the big contributors both in the Garage and down in the old Basement. Though I never knew him personally, I have a feeling of knowing him (and so many of the other regulars in here) through our debates about music, politics, sports and life in general. Things could get a bit warm in here back in the pre-moderator days, but at least we all share the love of music in general, and Pat Metheny particularly. Safe travels...
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