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Jan 24 2024
at 11:30 PM
Last night I saw my first live jazz show for 2024, the Branford Marsalis Quartet. I think I have seen this lineup at least six times and I enjoyed this show the most. Fourteen years together has made them an extremely tight band and they are all excellent musicians. Instead of writing a thousand words for me to explain how great the band and show was, try to catch their current tour. Last night was the first of many shows. If you can’t make it to their show pickup any of their current records. My Favorite is "FOUR MFs PLAYIN’ TUNES" from 2012 or a close second "THE SECRET BETWEEN THE SHADOW AND THE SOUL" from 2019. Both have everything from ballads to burners and are very well recorded. Every instrument can be clearly heard.
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Feb 18 2024
at 12:06 AM
Bookmark and Share Last night I caught Ron Carter’s Golden Striker Trio at the Chicago Symphony Center. Russell Malone (guitar) and Donald Vega (piano). Excellent show by an excellent band with a very appreciative audience. Ron mentioned several times that he was giddy to see that it was a full-house (2500 seats). Ron’s solo was amazing with great playing a dropping quotes from other songs frequently. I was disappointed by the act that followed in the double- bill, The Blue Note Quintet. It was led by pianist Gerald Clayton and featured to you Jazz musicians getting a lot of critical acclaim, alto saxophonist Immanuel Wilkins and vibraphonist Joel Ross. Kendrick Scott was the drummer and Matt Brewer was on bass. I expect more and the music didn’t knock me out. Seeing the legendary Mr. Carter made it an unforgettable night, so I was very glad I made it. Ron just got back from a several night gig in Tokyo playing with Pat and Joe Dyson.
Feb 01 2024
at 11:34 AM
Bookmark and Share Here in Chicago there are a lot of great Jazz shows being announced. I already have six shows scheduled in March and April, the John Scofield Trio, Emmet Cohen Trio, Joshua Redman Group, Vijay Iyer Trio, Eric Alexander Quartet and Goldings, Bernstein, Stewart Organ Trio. I am sure more to come and all the big venues will be announcing their 2024/2025 Jazz Series (October-June) in the next three months. Looks like it’s going to be a good year for live music, but I will still go for quality over quantity this year.
Jan 26 2024
at 11:55 PM
Bookmark and Share djangocat: I saw the quartet back in June in 2023 and rated my sixth favorite show of the year. I closely follow the annual Downbeat Critics Poll and use it for another one of my concert files (Bands & Musicians. In the 2023 edition the BMQ was voted #5 Jazz Group, Branford was #4 Soprano Sax and #6 Tenor Sax, Eric Revis #15 Acoustic Bass (I would rate him in the 10 or higher) and Justin Faulkner was #2 Rising Star Drummer (agreed by me). I was very disappointed that the pianist Joey Calderazzo was not on the list (he would be in my top ten list. The band is one of my favorites and I would probably rate them fifth. Like I said in my post above it was an excellent show and probably end up in my Top Ten list for 2024. So far I have a lot of great bands on my calendar. Up next the Ron Carter Golden Striker Trio with Russell Malone (guitar) and Donald Vega (piano). I have seen this band several times and expect it to make it to my Top Ten list.
Jan 26 2024
at 10:02 AM
Bookmark and Share It’s been awhile, but both both times I’ve seen Branford, I’ve been impressed with how good he and his band mates were.
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