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SUBJECT: ’Slip Away’ a hit in South Africa! Back to Subjects
Jan 25 2024
at 7:03 PM
There’s a house music version of Slip Away that’s a big hit in South African clubs. They sampled most of the tune and chords. I don’t know if Pat is credited anyway or whether its official but I guess it honours Metheny in its own way. Great that people are hearing his music!
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Jan 28 2024
at 10:05 AM
Bookmark and Share i was thinking the very same thing!
Jan 28 2024
at 5:12 AM
Bookmark and Share Here, another big fan of Slip away. But I’m not sure if Iwant to listen a Club version.
Jan 26 2024
at 1:14 PM
Bookmark and Share ’slip away’ gets my vote for the most underrated pat tune of em all.
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