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SUBJECT: What Pat song do you play the most? Back to Subjects
Mar 25 2024
at 4:58 PM
I was thinking about this the other day and there’s a handful of tunes that are always at the ready: AYGWM, Goodbye, Sixty-Six, Phase Dance, Signals,and when I need a quick pick- me-up, First Circle.
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Apr 16 2024
at 9:19 AM
Bookmark and Share AYGWM, probably partially because is is on a lot of my records and videos. A timeless song that has aged well.
Apr 09 2024
at 12:15 PM
Bookmark and Share San Lorenzo, the tune that launched me into this PM(G) galaxy so many ages ago. Also September Fifteenth and The Heat of the Day ... for the time being :)
Apr 04 2024
at 2:06 PM
Bookmark and Share I keep coming back to Are You Going with Me? This has probably been my fav for the past thirty or more years!
Apr 03 2024
at 8:10 AM
Bookmark and Share "Song for Bilbao," "To the End of the World," "Finding and Believing," "The Truth Will Always Be," "Red Sky" -- and about five hundred others! :Þ
Apr 02 2024
at 9:20 AM
Bookmark and Share jjcoyle231--Thank you for your comment--any of those songs you mentioned would be right up there at the very top with me too! I think "If I Could" is one of the loveliest melodies Pat ever created. Lyle’s Oberheim in that one is just sublime.
Apr 01 2024
at 12:23 PM
Bookmark and Share Last Train Home, Travels, James
Mar 31 2024
at 3:22 PM
Bookmark and Share Great choice, BobSmith1. There are so many Pat anthems to enjoy it’s easy to overlook the many, many just beautiful gems, like “Something To Remind You.” I’m thinking of “If I Could”, “It’s For You”, “September Fifteenth”, “Slip Away”, and on and on.
Mar 29 2024
at 1:39 PM
Bookmark and Share Last few months I’m always teeing up "Something To Remind You". Just a perfect, beautiful song that keeps on giving.
Mar 28 2024
at 3:21 PM
Bookmark and Share Excellent choice jcoyle231!
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