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SUBJECT: Tribute to MLK & John Coltrane Back to Subjects
Jan 24 2014
at 2:31 AM
Dear friends and family, fans and fiends: I hope you get a chance to check out this YouTube video, an audio/visual collage I put together in tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. and John Coltrane ... feel free to share! ----- ----- James Taylor’s once sang: "Let us turn our thoughts today/ To Martin Luther King/And recognize that there are ties between us/All men and women/Living on the Earth" ----- I love the music of King’s speech, a music that underscores the humanity of the content. And I hear the same in John Coltrane. So I put them together, left lots of room for chance, and this is how it turned out. Thank you, Martin; thank you, John. ----- Words: Martin Luther King Jr. - excerpt from Memphis, April 3, 1968 ----- Music: John Coltrane - excerpt from Psalm, from the album A Love Supreme ----- Audio/visual collage: Fred Simon - January 2014
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Dec 28 2022
at 9:45 PM
Bookmark and Share I’m not sure what the issues were with viewing the video on mobile platforms way back in 2014, but they seem to be resolved now. Here’s a fresh link:
Jan 30 2014
at 2:30 PM
Bookmark and Share Apparently, the video can’t be watched on mobile platforms ... sorry about that.
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