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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: PMG & Side projects?
Category: Touring
From: Jeff Davis (n/a)

Pat: I've been a fan since your first tour in 1977!!! My friends and I saw you and the band at the Public Theatre in NYC and we were blown away. I've seen you many times since, including many of youtr fascinating side projects; the Parallel Realities Tour, the Reunion tour with GaryBurton, and an incredible show at City College in the early 1980's when you played solo, with Steve Rodby and then did any amazing mini-set with the Jim Hall Trio. I know that Rob Eaton, your incredible engineer is also a Deadhead, as am I. Ask Rob about the success of the Dick's Picks series(previously unreleased live Dead shows). At the risk of sounding naive how about a series of Live shows with the PMG and your other side projects? Since Warner Bros. doesn't seem interested in a live CD from the Imaginary Day tour, why not do it through the PMGLN. Look at all the posts about fans who order cds and videos through CD Now and places in Japan. You'd havce a captive audience. Perhaps you could release some of your side projects as well.Really looking forward to the summer tour as well as upcoming cds with Jim Hall and Gary Burton.

Pat’s Answer:

the time that it would take to prepare something like that over the web is kind of overwhelming now for the amount of people who could actually benefit from it. but at the rate things are going - i bet we will be doing stuff like that in the future.