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--- Sep 11 1999 Go to category
Subject: Eric Johnson
Category: Other Musicians
From: Danny Wuu (Singapore-->USA)

Hi Pat, I'm a new fan of yours. I was just wondering what do you think of Eric Johnson? He's a really wonderful and humble musician, but unfortunately he also really underated and very often misunderstood considering his talent and his background.(IMO) I understand that he admires you and your playing greatly. (Coincidently it was through Eric Johnson and the recommendations from his fans that I became a fan of yours...) Have you ever thought about touring/doing a side project with him?


Pat’s Answer:

hi danny,

i have followed eric's playing ever since he was playing in the "electromagnets". steve morse played me a tape of his in the mid 70's and he impressed me so much with his sound and ideas. i have never had the chance to meet him or even hear him live, but i really hope i can someday - he is a special guitar player...

best from pat m.